YourRescued Plan Prevents Loss of Income Due to Hairdressers Migration


Small Business Rescuer publishes information on how its new Stop Revenue Loss From Hair Stylist migration works. More information is available at

New Westminster, Canada, November 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Earlier today, Small Business Rescuer a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc. has announced the launch of its new Stop Revenue Loss From Stylist Migration service, which is expected to go live on November 29, 2021. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of local marketing, this new development will be worth paying attention as it’s about to shake things up.

Currently, even with just a glance, a person will notice that everyone is offering the same service with a different name, YourRescued programs are the result of over 33 years of experience and believe that is what makes them. made it work so well. / CEO of Small Business Rescuer. Dori O’Neill is keen to say that “things will change when our Stop Revenue Loss From Stylist Migration service is launched”.

Dori O’Neill continues… “Where you will always see our competitors doing the same thing, we will use our experience, innovation and modern technology to create unique and affordable marketing solutions that no one else offers, giving our customers competitive advantage. compared to their competitors. We do this because we believe it gives our clients a time advantage that other marketing companies can’t match. reality for hair salon owners. The YourRescued Simplized Health marketing program not only mitigates the damage, but it can and has generated income from the hairdressers who have left. It is a real paradigm shift in the management of the loss of income from the migration of hairdressers. “

Small business lifeguard a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc. was formed in the summer of 1988. It has been in business for 33 years. and it has always aimed to provide hair salons with affordable and effective marketing programs that immediately add bottom line income and continually increase that income over time.

Currently the closest match to Small Business Rescuer’s Hairdressers vs. Lost Revenue Migration Service is the standard local referral service, YourRescued’s Simplized Health marketing program has no competition. Hair salons that join the program enjoy a once in a lifetime time advantage that potentially provides the salon owner with the opportunity to generate continued income for years to come. Small Business Rescuer enhanced this by having a low upfront investment to put the program into operation and combined with almost immediate income offsetting that initial investment created a program that is second to none. New income often starts within 4-10 days. That alone should make Small Business Rescuer’s loss of revenue hairstylist migration service more popular with salon customers, quickly.

Once again, the Stop Revenue Loss From Hair Stylist Migration service is expected to launch on November 29, 2021. To find out more, the place to visit is


CONTACT: Name: Dori ONeill Organization: Small Business Rescuer a div. of ONeill Enterprises Inc. Address: 1185 Quayside Drive Apt 1903, New Westminster, BC V3M 6T8, Canada Phone: +1-833-829-6864


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