WATCH | Hairdresser Jawed Habib spits on woman’s head during workshop, NCW asks police to investigate


New Delhi: A viral video by Jawed Habib sparked controversy on Thursday in which the popular hairstylist was seen using his saliva to style a woman’s hair during a workshop.

The video, which is circulating on various social media platforms, is said to be from a training seminar in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. It is not known when the video was shot.

It shows a woman sitting on the stage in a lounge chair as Habib prepares to cut his hair while giving him spikes. He said, “Baal gande hain. Kyun great hate? Kyunki shampoo ka istemaal nahi hua hai (The hair is dirty. Why is it dirty? Because the shampoo was not used).

He also adds that if there is water shortage then saliva can be used, saying that he is spitting on the woman’s head. He justifies his act by saying: “is thook mein jaan hai (this brooch has life). “

Watch the viral video here:

During this time, those present could be heard laughing and clapping. However, the woman seemed disturbed by what had happened. After the video went viral, the woman in the video showed up to share her experience.

She said, “My name is Pooja Gupta. I run a beauty salon named Vanshika and I live in Baraut. Yesterday, I attended a workshop of Jawed Habib sir. There he invited me onto the stage to cut my hair and he behaved badly. He said if there is no water you can spit it out. It would be better if I had gone to the barber down the street and had my hair cut, rather than going to Habib’s. “

The National Commission for Women said it learned of the incident and its president, Rekha Sharma, wrote to UP DGP to immediately investigate the veracity of the viral video and take appropriate action.

Jawed Habib is a celebrity hairstylist who owns a chain of salons in India.

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