Video of hairstylist Jawed Habib spitting on woman’s head goes viral, NCW orders investigation | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday asked police in Uttar Pradesh to probe a video of hairdresser Jawed Habib spitting on a woman’s head that has now gone viral.
The incident happened during a workshop led by Habib in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.
“The commission has taken this incident very seriously and not only condemns it in the strongest possible terms, but also requests your urgent intervention in the matter to investigate the veracity of this viral video for immediate action in accordance with the law. /procedure.This incident also attracts breach of guidelines issued by the Union Home Office under the Disaster Management Act 2005 that spitting in public is a punishable offense as a result of the Covid pandemic,” the NCW said in a letter to UP Police.

“You are therefore required to investigate the matter immediately to take appropriate action. The action taken/situation report should be provided to the commission at the earliest,” he said.
Officials said the NCW would also send a notice to the barber for a hearing.
A renowned hairdresser, Habib operates over 850 salons and around 65 hair academies in 115 cities across India.
In the video, Habib is seen spitting on the woman’s hair as she sits with her back to him and is heard saying “if there is a shortage of water, then use saliva”.
The audience can be heard laughing and clapping in the background in the video which has now gone viral, with Habib being slammed by netizens for his action.
“When hairdresser Jawed Habib spat on a woman’s hair, the audience applauded Habib’s action. Not a single person objected to Habib’s shameful act. The woman was identified as Pooja Gupta and she didn’t expect such a humiliating experience.” Anshul Saxena said on Twitter.
Another video of the woman recounting the experience was also posted on social media.
“Yesterday I attended a workshop by Jawed Habib. He invited me on stage to give me a haircut. He said if there is no water, you can use saliva. From now on, I will go to my street barber for a haircut, but will not go to Habib,” said Gupta, a beauty salon owner.
Speaking to news channels later, Gupta said she attended the workshop to learn from Habib and was thrilled when he called her on stage.
“He wasn’t answering my questions. Then he poked my head, I objected and said I had neck problems. Then he spat twice in my hair and said if you didn’t have water in your living room so you can spit. My husband was doing the video. After I came down from the stage, Habib’s assistant said he was joking,” she said. .
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