Vacaville’s hairdresser defies the shelter-in-place order and opens a shop


VACAVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – A hairdresser in Vacaville defies the shelter-in-place order amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, she reopened her salon to existing customers despite not being an essential business.

Philippe Djegal of KRON4 reports that the woman is willing to risk a fine or the possibility of her business being closed.

Six weeks without working is long enough for Lia Rivera, the owner of the Hairendipity salon in downtown Vacaville.

Her business is considered non-essential and was shut down during the in-place shelter, but Rivera says she can no longer afford to turn clients away.

“It’s a survival tactic at this point,” Rivera said.

Rivera only welcomed existing clients on Tuesday despite the Solano County health worker extending the shelter-in-place order until May 17.

Upon reopening, Rivera could face a hefty fine and possibly jail time, but she believes staying closed would be more costly than being penalized by the county.

“It costs me about seven thousand dollars in overhead to run the salon and then my personal income that I earn as a stylist behind the chair to bring home to my family is about equal to that, so we’re talking of 15 thousand dollars. a month that I am sure to lose. I mean, I think it’s worth the risk, ”Rivera said.

His client Stacy Roudebush agrees.

Roudebush is a nurse and has no reservations as to making an appointment at the salon.

“I’m not worried because it’s just the two of us, we both have masks,” Roudebush said.

Nicole Fahey owns True Roots Juice and Eats next door which has been allowed to remain open during the pandemic unlike most of her neighbors.

“All of us down here are pretty much small business owners. So I sympathize with them every day, ”Fahey said.

As for Rivera, she says she has so far failed to apply for small business and unemployed loans.

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