Up close and personal: master hairstylist and entrepreneur Patrice Hector


Photo provided by Patrice Hector

Patrice Hector has tamed some of the country’s most influential manes over the past 32 years. His early years of training were under the tutelage of master hairstylist Tom Harris of Decatur, Georgia. Her bi-coastal career saw her appear on Lifetime’s Head To Toe reality show and also saw her become a senior hairstylist for several production and video companies. In addition, the master colorist has worked as a national educator for Paul Mitchell Hair Systems, Design Essentials and Nairobi Hair Care products and is currently a senior stylist at SoKai Salon in Atlanta, GA.

In 2010, Hector launched the KP Hair Care Hairstylist financial planner. The planner was developed out of his own desire to become more efficient in managing his business and his finances. She realized that people in this industry often spend years working in a salon and unfortunately have minimal financial freedom at the end of their careers. She believes this planner can and will help professionals in the hair care industry do the same.

Deployment spoke more to Hector for our Up Close and Personal series to find out more about who she is, what she’s learned so far and much more.

Briefly describe what you do and the area of ​​beauty you work in.

I am a proud 32 year old master hairdresser licensed in Georgia and California. I specialize in haircuts and love short haircuts.

Describe a milestone in your career.

I started as an apprentice in 1989 and gained practical experience in the salon. I studied every day and got my bachelor’s degree shortly thereafter. I realized early in my career that to be successful I had to be a student all the time. Having a mentor with whom I could share ideas and goals, and constantly reinvent myself, was a game changer. The hair took me around the world and put me in rooms I might never have imagined! Working with established hair care companies like Paul Mitchell, Design Essentials and Nairobi Hair Care is a true honor. One of my most memorable highlights is living in LA and having the opportunity to work on movie and video sets as a senior hairstylist. It was long hours, but the results were worth it.

What was your biggest brand recognition moment and your doubts about your career?

Being known as an expert in cutting and styling short hair has been my greatest gratitude. Ten years ago, I was exhausted and frustrated with myself because I felt stuck and didn’t know where to turn. I had to do something if I wanted to continue to thrive behind the chair. I met a brand strategist, Jai Stone, at a Black Enterprise Entrepreneur conference. She became my brand coach and my client. We met every Monday for a year. I was able to find my niche, develop a great brand and market myself for cutting hair short. Using social media and putting myself on a national map has transformed my whole world (in a great way). I created a line of t-shirts and a financial planner for hairdressers to monitor and manage their money. As I prepare for the next steps and other endeavors, I will always believe that I can through this experience. I have grown so much. And I will do it again.

Follow this series for the second part of Patrice Hector’s journey, to come.


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