UK Weather: Heatwave Hair Essentials, From Scrunchies to Clips and Headbands


A heat wave in the UK often turns from a glorious sunny day into a sticky, wet mess.

If you’ve been caught off guard without a fan or live in a tiny apartment with poor ventilation, chances are, like us, you’ve had sleepless nights, sweaty afternoons, and more showers. cold than you can count.

It also doesn’t help that there are always projects with friends, work calls, and coffee dates on the agenda when all you prefer to do is hang out near the fridge.

Feeling ready for your social and work projects in the midst of scorching temperatures can seem almost impossible. When it comes to our wardrobe, we almost exclusively wear linen to cool off.

When it comes to hair, whether it’s short or long, we want it to be tied up and loose when the weather is hot.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your good looks while you’re at it. With fun and functional hair accessories, we dress up our braids in high ponytails, braids and messy updos with clips and clips galore.

To help you get through the rest of the heatwave, we’ve compiled a selection of our favorite hair accessories to keep you cool.

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Hair clips

When you just can’t get bored for a fancy, grab this Joan Clip in Purple Opal (Tortware, £ 26) to quickly twist your hair and tie it to your head. These clips are all over Instagram right now, so you’ll look trendy while keeping boring strands at bay.

Durable and unique, this resin hair clip will keep you stylish no matter the heat.


Made from an eco-friendly resin, it’s adorned with pearly purple daisies and opal rhinestones, and looks a lot more glamorous than you might think.

If you have dinner plans, use it to secure a bun, add earrings and shiny lipstick, and you’re good to go.

An ode to traditional tortoiseshell styling, this rainbow turtle hair clip (Etsy, £ 12.77) is a colorful update to a design that’s been around for decades.

A modern take on a classic style, looking great in the heat has never been easier


It also has impressive green credentials, as it’s made with a plant-based plastic – a blend of cotton pulp and acetic acid – which is biodegradable.

Shorter, thinner hair will suit these plastic bulldog clips (Accessorize, £ 6), which will remind you of seaside trips.

For shorter hair, keep strands out of the way with these summery clips


Designed in a pretty pearly pink, use them in place of hair elastics for an instant pop of color.


The fastest and easiest way to get your hair out of your face is to use a headband, pushing out flyaways and bangs.

You can also make it an elegant affair. We love this satin bow headband (& Other Stories, £ 17) because the silky sage green color adds a touch of luxury. It is also one of the essential shades of this season.

Throw the hair back with this silky headband (& Other Stories)

(& other stories)

Let the earthy-toned accessory do all the talking by wearing it with a high bun. We’re all keeping our makeup to a minimum for now, but if you need a mascara that will survive the heat, check out our list of the best waterproof formulas.

Ditch minimalism and embrace prints, patterns and colors with this Japanese knot headband (Anthropologie, £ 28).

This headband is minimal effort but makes a maximalist statement and is the easiest way to feel good


Embroidered with flowers and foliage, it is a centerpiece that will look good in a heatwave breeze.

While the warm weather makes us all wish we were living by the sea for a lunchtime dip, this group of seashells on the beach (French Fashion House, £ 12) is the next best thing – aside from a shower cold, of course.

Ode to the seaside, we love the pearl details on this golden band

(French fashion house)

Decorated with open erect seashells and their pearls, it is sure to turn heads. Although this is an assertive style, the thin metal bracelet will not be itchy when worn in the heat.


If you have bangs, there’s a good chance you’ll regret your hairstyle of choice right now as the heatwave takes its toll.

A simple fix is ​​a hair clip or two to push it out of your face and hold it in place as you go about your day.

This pack of two molten metal hair clips (Asos, £ 6) will add a touch of luxury to your hair as you beat the heat.

The melted look of these golden slides reflects what it feels like trying to get through a heat wave


With hinged closures, they are easy to adjust but remain secure without slipping the strands.

This carmel pink hair clip trio (Oliver Bonas, £ 15) has a retro feel and offers a mix of sizes and styles for a change of look.

Mix and match styles with this set of three slides

(Olivier Bonas)

If you have long hair, go for a French braid and use the clips throughout your braids to tap into that summery aesthetic.


The humble darling made a triumphant comeback in fashion, having originally grown popular in the ’80s with side ponytails and voluminous updos.

Now, brands are creating a range of designs ranging from silk styles to ones with bows and pearls, as the stretchy hair accessory has become a sartorial staple in its own right.

This oversized cappuccino silk scrunchie (Etsy, £ 11.17) is ideal if you have a lot of hair but find it hard to keep it out of the way. A simple up-do with a much more matched look with one of these accessories.

Sumptuous and oversized, these silk scrunchies are ideal for quickly tying up your hair


Tie a low ponytail or wrap it around a high bun for effortless scorching locks. There are 10 colors to choose from, ranging from a pearly oyster shade to blush pink.

If you have naturally straight hair and want to add height and volume, use this My Accessories London scrunchie with leopard print bow (Asos, £ 8).

Bold and gorgeous, this bow scrunchie is our new must-have look


The tied bow will make any hairstyle look more polished, with very little effort required.

A hybrid of a scarf and a scrunchie, this scarf detail scrunchie (H&M, £ 3.99) is decorated with a pretty floral pattern perfect for balmy summer days.

This flowery darling reminds us of lush meadows and country walks (H&M)


If you wanted a bolder look, it is also available in red.

For more heatwave tips, read our guide to everything you need to stay cool, our roundup of the best fans, and our favorite linen pieces to wear this summer.

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