Toronto hair salon that used to be a hidden gem is closing for good


A gem of a Toronto hair salon that was actually tucked away in an alley apartment has announced its permanent closure.

Toronto’s industrial Sterling Road filled with artist lofts was long home to Blind Tiger, but now the show will close.

The salon took to social media to announce the impending closure of the semi-hidden salon in the caption of a post, signed by owners Ashley Walker and Tara Gosling. Walker has been coloring hair for 13 years.

“This decision had to be made faster than we would have liked, but we know it’s the right one,” the duo wrote.

“After everything that’s happened over the past two years, we’re ready to take a step back from having a business and focus on the part of our job that we love the most: being behind it. the chair with you.”

The post goes on to say that you can follow Walker and Gosling on social media to find out what’s in store for them, so it’s likely they’ll continue styling their hair in the future.

They are expected to cut hair again at Blind Tiger over the next two weeks and will be emailing regarding existing appointments.

On March 23, Walker posted on her Instagram that she will be working at Like Honey from April 3 and is now available for booking after that date, so if you’ve been a devotee of hers, you don’t have to. not to find a new stylist.

“It’s a similar vibe to Blind Tiger – 2 chairs, very cool,” she wrote on Instagram.


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