Top 5 essential beauty essentials for summer


Top 5 essential beauty essentials for summer

April 14, 2022, 8:01 PM
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Your skin needs more love and care during summers.

Summers are synonymous with light, minimalist makeup with a natural glow on the face.

Too much makeup can make you sweat and lead to greasy oily skin that is definitely unattractive.

Sunscreens, peachy lipsticks, lightweight moisturizers and face mists are your best friends on hot, humid days.

Here are five summer beauty essentials you need to carry in your handbag.

You shouldn’t leave the house during the summers without applying a thick layer of sunscreen to your face and other exposed parts of your body.

Sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays and prevents sunburn, hyperpigmentation and premature aging.

Invest in a lightweight sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Choose a formula that suits your skin type and does not leave white marks.

Face mists are a must-have beauty product during summers. Not only do they calm your skin and instantly refresh you, but they also make your skin healthy and hydrated.

Carry it in your bag and spray it everywhere whenever you feel tired or hot.

You can mix rose water with glycerin and jojoba oil to create your own face mist.

Ditch those bright and energetic lipstick shades this summer and opt for matte nude lip shades for a more natural and chic look.

Matte formulas are lightweight and don’t smudge easily.

Choose an MLBB (My Lips But Better) color that complements your skin tone.

Quality is important here, so only invest in two or three shades if you don’t have the budget.

Whatever your skin type, always have a pack of absorbent sheets in your bag.

Whenever you feel oil or sweat on your face, instead of a compact powder, dab one on.

The absorbent sheets absorb sweat and excess oil without removing your makeup.

You can make your own blotting sheets using brown paper bags or paper towels.

Summers can make your hair greasy and it is not possible or advisable to wash your mane daily.

This is where dry shampoo comes in. They absorb excess oil from your scalp and leave your hair looking fresh and bouncy without the need for a hair wash.

You can buy a powder-based, paraben-free dry shampoo with natural ingredients.


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