Tips for finding the best hairdresser


Finding a new hairdresser has proven to be a daunting task for both men and women. The experience of having to trust a new stylist for your hair can be daunting, especially in a foreign city or country. Some people generally don’t like having to explain what they want and how the previous stylist styled their hair. The uncertainty can be a lack of confidence in the new stylist and they may find it difficult to trust the stylist.

Surprisingly, most women don’t visit a single salon or stay with the same hairdresser for years. They are forced to change stylists unless they find one with a particular skill. Gillian Garcia, a leading New York-based hairstylist and entrepreneur, understands this exceptionally well. She has been in the industry for over two decades and has seen the hardships people go through finding a new stylist. Gillian Garcia is a hairdressing educator, content creator and philanthropist with extensive experience in the hairdressing industry.

Gillian Garcia believes she didn’t choose hairdressing as a career, but work chose her. She’s built a brand that helps her clients adopt a healthy hair lifestyle, just like the good old days when she joined the industry. She has interacted with thousands of clients throughout her career and all of them had different tastes. She is convinced that difference in taste and preference are the main factors in the hassle of finding a new stylist. Everyone has something unique that they are looking for, and it can sometimes be difficult to find a stylist who exactly meets your specifications.

Advances in technology and the rise of social media have greatly helped in this hunt. Majority of hairdressers use various social media platforms to showcase their work, making it easier for clients to choose a stylist who they believe can deliver fabulous results. It is also a plus for future stylists as they can attract potential clients they would otherwise have missed.

Whether experience counts in the search for a hairdresser is not a debate for Gillian Garcia. Yes, experience matters, especially if you need a unique or personalized hairstyle. Gillian has the experience and expertise to give you precisely what you need, and she has proven her skills over the years through her multitude of satisfied customers.

The working environment of the hairdresser is also important. Check if the living room has a pleasant atmosphere and if you think you will be comfortable. New Yorkers love Gillian Garcia’s salon because of her warm personality and her ability to put the feelings of her clients before their own. Her infectious laughter excites her clients and keeps the salon environment alive. Gillian Garcia is a god fearing woman and lover of gospel music, and you can be assured of uplifting gospel music while you wait for your hairstyle to be created.

Location and convenience are other key aspects that you need to consider. Convenience is everything today, and most people like to visit a place near their home.

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