This Celebrity Hairstylist Duo Created The Ultimate System For Healthy Cool Girl Hair


The owners of Nine Zero One Salon, Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, are famous for their effortless, cool girlish hair, both on their heads and on their clients. Since opening their salon in 2010, the dynamic duo have been the go-to stylists of other cool girls like Kate Hudson, Julianne Hough, Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts and Nina Dobrev, to name a few. Last year Lee and Capri released their own hair care line, In Common Beauty, and I recently tried the whole system.

As I learned on my own, they have reinvented the traditional experience in the shower. The steps are: cleanse, treat and then moisturize. The Clear Haze Universal Shampoo ($ 35) is a lightweight lather and the conditioner has been phased out of the line, replaced with a trio of sprays (moisturizing, fortifying, or smoothing, which you choose the one that suits your hair needs) and a Velvet Universal Cloud Mask ($ 40). I had to quickly relearn how to wash, I mean treat, my hair. The result: smooth, healthy and happy looking hair. To get the scoop on the line and make sure I was walking down the steps correctly, I went straight to the sources.

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NewBeauty: Why did you decide to move away from traditional conditioner and move towards improved sprays and masks?
Nikki Lee: If you think of the line like you would skin care, it’s easier to understand. Just like you cleanse, tone, hydrate your face, so do your hair with In Common. People tend to style and color their hair too much, making it dry and brittle. Using a mask as a conditioner is essential for maintaining healthy hair.

Riawna Capri: Over the years 9 out of 10 times Nikki and I would always recommend a mask to our clients rather than a conditioner. Conditioners never seem to be enough. So we decided to go straight to the door with something that was packed with vitamins and nutrients, but light enough to use daily if needed.

NB: The name of the game is overlay. As someone who is afraid of putting too much product in their hair, I really had to believe that I would end up with salon-worthy hair Nine Zero One. How did you create these leave-in formulas to be so light you can layer them?
NL: Magic Myst ($ 35) is literally what is called “magic”. It has so many different uses it’s crazy. Riawna has thin hair and mine is thick, so it was important that it worked beautifully on both hair textures. If you need more product, you can add more without regretting it or feeling like you have to wash your hair. The secret to all of our formulas is our c3 Custom Care Complex â„¢ technology, it repairs where hair is damaged and strengthens where it is weak. And the rest is simply rinsed off, without weighing your hair down.

NB: we live for the Clear Haze universal shampoo which distributes in the form of foam. Why a foam?
NL: We wanted our line to be a new experience for everyone. Foam is a soft and fun way to cleanse hair!

NB: Why does my hair smell so good?
RC: We thought this part was going to be difficult for us because Nikki and I like different things. We’ve rounded up all the products that we love to smell: from perfumes to body lotions to candles and everything in between. We brought them all to our fragrance meeting and there were about 25 products on the table! After a lot of back and forth from there, we managed to create the scent of our dreams that obsesses us BOTH!

NL: It’s the perfect combination of all the scents that Riawna and I love. The key notes of our signature scent are sandalwood and gardenia, combined for the perfect combination of woody and floral.

NB: Can anyone with any hair texture benefit from using this line? And can you break down the combination of what to use if you have straight, curly, processed, or textured hair? Which enhancer works best for which hair type?
NL: It was important for us that the line was universal. Enhancers are a key component in meeting every hair texture. If someone has very thin, straight hair, all it takes is shampoo and mask. Someone with damaged hair will want to add the Mended Sea Strengthening Enhancer ($ 30). Someone with frizzy hair will want to use the Static Silk Smoothing Enhancer ($ 30) and someone with dry hair will benefit from the Mojave Rain Moisturizing Enhancer ($ 30).

NB: What do you plan to develop next?
NL: We have just launched an in-salon treatment called “Crystal Cashmere!” It changed the game. We see instant results on extremely weakened hair. The treatment rebuilds the hair and leaves it soft and shiny. It’s a dream! We are very proud of this product and plan to launch a home coin to extend the longevity of salon treatment. Healthy hair for everyone!

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