The trendy Somerset hair salon with Aga, hot croissants and fresh coffee


They are truly unlike any other hair and beauty salon in the country.

You enter the Melanie Giles Lounge in Bath and are greeted by the smell of freshly baked croissants, the warming warmth of the Aga in the corner and freshly brewed roast coffee.

A visit to Melanie Giles hair salons is like going to a friend’s house for coffee, it’s a real treat.

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The business is thriving after the pandemic with salons now in Bath, Frome and Bradford on Avon.

The first salon was in Bath’s iconic Walcot Street in 2008, the second opened in Frome in 2011 and Bradford on Avon in 2014.

Melanie Giles is a skilled hairstylist from Somerset and her vision was to try something different, she certainly did.

Melanie Giles is a skilled hairstylist who has brought her creative talent to her salons

The salons are elegant, contemporary and it’s a real experience, much more than a visit to a hairdresser.

Giles has a real creative flair that she brings to living rooms, it’s more like visiting her favorite cafe.

It’s this flair that attracts so many people, it has a strong following in the west of the country and beyond, and despite two difficult years, the shows seem to be going from strength to strength.

With cool industrial decor, Bath’s living room is the mothership.

Wonderfully located in the best part of town (apart from the parking lot) this is a beautiful and stylish lounge.

Mélanie cuts and styles herself and visits the various salons to see her regular clients.

The Bath lounge was quite revolutionary when it opened, the Aga, the croissants, the steaming hot coffee, people loved it, it became a thing.

Not to mention a team of very good stylists and colorists, Melanie is very picky about standards, you can’t afford even a bad haircut in small places like Bath, Frome or Bradford on Avon, they really are villages, everyone knows everyone and word of mouth is key.

The Frome Lounge is beautifully placed on the high sidewalk at the bottom of Catherine Hill, the artisan quarter.

They are all fairly large salons, lots of space with separate areas for beauty treatments.

You can literally spend hours there.

Melanie Giles’ story is a real success story for the West Country, she has added style to the hairdressing scene in the region and it seems her approach to making customers feel at home is working very well.


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