The Teesside hair salon has battled the pandemic with online tutorials for business award nominations


For many hair and beauty salons, covid has been an incredibly difficult time for them.

From strict restrictions and closures to infection concerns due to it being a close contact service, many workers in the industry have had to adapt their work accordingly.

A Teesside-based salon has also had to adapt its business by offering online hair tutorials so customers can look and feel their best… and avoid hair disasters!

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Natalie McManus, 35, is the owner of Two Moons Hairdressing which has two salons in Nunthorpe and Ingleby Barwick.

Trained as a hairdresser since the age of 16, Natalie opened up about how covid had wreaked havoc on Two Moons.

She said: “Our Ingleby salon has been open for seven years but our Nunthorpe salon was only open for 18 months before covid hit. It’s not like hairdressers can work from home so we have had to come up with an idea to work while closed and keep our customers updated.

“We decided to create videos from home on how to do your hair, from curling with straighteners to cutting and dyeing, and creating the salon’s YouTube channel. We even made a video on how to cut men’s hair and I used my husband as a model!”

Stylist Beth Westwood with a client

In addition to their popular hair tutorials, Natalie’s salons have started running an online store so she can keep her business afloat during such a difficult time for everyone.

She added: “Customers absolutely loved the videos, so we’ve also created an online store so they can buy products and gift cards for our post-lockdown reopening.

“In a weird way, the lockdown has been a kind of blessing in disguise! We have been able to grow our online presence and our videos have been very popular and beneficial to our customers.

“I was able to push myself in the management courses and I feel like I’m at the stage myself after 20 years in the industry that I could help other salons and owners grow their business.”

After surviving the pandemic, Two Moons Hairdressing has been able to put all of its part-time employees on full-time and manager Natalie also hopes to recruit new people to both salons.

Natalie McManus, owner of Two Moons Hairdressing
Natalie McManus, owner of Two Moons Hairdressing

The salons have been nominated for a number of accolades at three separate awards ceremonies.

The English Hair & Beauty Awards 2022:

Salon of the Year, Best of North East, Stylist of the Year

England Business Awards 2022:

Fair of the year

HBA Hair & Beauty Awards 2022:

Fair of the year

Natalie and her team are thrilled to have been nominated for so many awards.

She said: ‘We have made great progress and managed to keep both salons open post-lockdown and now have the amazing news that we are finalists in three separate awards!

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