The hairdresser celebrates 30 years of work at the Northampton salon


A hairstylist celebrates three decades of hairstyling at a salon in Northampton.

Leah began her career at the Hensmans salon in Abington Square in June 1992 as a Saturday job after a period of work experience. A year later, she became a full-time apprentice and graduated as a fashion designer in 1995.

Leah was promoted to Salon Manager in 1998 and took on the role of Salon Evaluator in 1999. The arrival of daughter Violet in 2009 and son Wilfie in 2012 meant Leah returned to part-time work after maternity leave and took on the role of client care. manager, overseeing customer service standards in the salon. In July 2016, Leah was promoted again and became associate director of the salon, a role she continues to fulfill today.

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Lea Inwood

Thirty years later, Leah still loves hairdressing as much as the day she graduated. She said: “Thirty years seems like a long time, but my career at Hensmans has been so varied and fulfilling that sometimes it feels like no time has passed. I feel incredibly lucky to have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences, which wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement of the show directors and team over the years.

“I love a challenge and that’s why I’ve been able to carve out a career that I’m really proud of. I’m also very grateful for the support the show showed when I had my kids. They worked with me to ensure my work was flexible while giving me new responsibilities to focus on across the salon.

In addition to climbing the salon ladder, Leah has always been actively involved in the wider hairstyling industry and has also participated in industry awards and worked at events and shows, including creating hairstyles for university shows in partnership with the University of Northampton. and at the International Fair.

Salon owner Julie Hensman said: “It has been an absolute joy to watch Leah grow, not just as an amazing hairdresser, but as a person. Leah is the epitome of what a career in hairstyling can be and her talent, commitment and growth confirms it.

Leah Inwood with Julie and Gemma Hensman

“What I love about Leah is that she never rests on her laurels. She continues to find new goals in the living room, around being a mother – which is what she’s also great at! She has always achieved its promotional goals and is a fantastic role model for our young stylists.

The Hensmans team will raise a glass to Leah on June 22 at a salon gathering that will include many of Leah’s loyal clients and colleagues over the years.

Leah adds, “I really have to say that working in a salon is so much more than just cutting my hair, although I really love that part! It’s about learning valuable life skills and helping to create a safe and welcoming space for the local community. My clients are fantastic, many have stuck with me from the start, which means I must be doing something right!”


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