The cheapest places to buy household essentials because inflation is real right now (PS Stores may surprise you!)


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If you’ve watched the news or read a newspaper, chances are you know that everyone is talking about inflation these days. Simply put, inflation means your money doesn’t earn you as much as it used to because the price of goods goes up.

And right now, prices in almost every category are affected by inflation. Gas, groceries and even beauty products are probably more expensive than what you are used to, and all because of inflation. While the causes of inflation can depend on many factors, including increased production costs, increased demand and/or supply chain shortages, there is one thing we are Safe: Nobody likes to pay more than necessary for everyday essentials.

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Since many people want to do their best when it comes to saving money and not spending more than necessary, we decided to do some research. When it comes to household essentials, where can you get the best offers right now? Sure, AmazonPrime’s shipping is fast and convenient, but believe it or not, the retailer doesn’t always offer the lowest price.

With that in mind, keep reading below to find out where you should buy your daily essentials if you’re looking to pay the lowest possible price.

Where to buy household essentials on the cheap

Toilet paper

Charmin Heavy Duty Toilet Paper, 30 Mega Rolls

Buy now

*Cheaper : walmart$31.17

Also available on:



Amazon$41.60 (original $43.99)

Other retailers to check for different sizes:

Walgreens$13.99 for 12 Mega Rolls

The reception deposit$19.98 for 12 Mega Rolls

Large lots$19.99 for 18 Mega Rolls

Staples$27.99 (Orig. $31.49) for 18 Mega Rolls

Paper napkins

Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels, 10 Triple Rolls

Buy now

*Cheaper : walmart$26.18

Also available on:


Other retailers to check for different sizes:

Walgreens$10.49 for four double rolls

Amazon$22.55 (Orig. $29.87) for six triple rolls

Staples$23.99 (Orig. $27.49) for six triple rolls

The reception deposit$24.98 for 12 double rolls

Office deposit$32.99 for 12 double rolls

instagram$33.49 for 12 double rolls

Disinfectant wipes

Clorox disinfectant wipes (pack of 225 units)

Buy now

*Cheaper : walmart or Amazon$9.98

Also available on:



Large lots$10.99

The reception deposit$11.88




Other retailers to check for different sizes:

Office deposit$9.29 for 105 wipes


All Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin, 141 oz

Buy now

*Cheaper : Target$10.39

Also available on:

Amazon$10.39 with coupon on site (Orig. $12.99)


The reception deposit$11.97


Other retailers to check for different sizes:

Walgreens$6.09 for 36 fluid ounces

Large lots$4 for 36 fluid ounces

Dishwasher soap

Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Soap, 19.4 fl. oz.

Buy now

*Cheaper : Amazon$2.68

Also available on:




Other retailers to check for different sizes:

instagram$4.89 for 28 fluid ounces

Bed bath and beyond$4.99 for 28 fluid ounces

Ritual Aid$4.99 for 38 fluid ounces

General dollar$5.50 for 40 fluid ounces

Staples$6.99 (Orig. $7.99) for 38 fluid ounces

Damp mop pads

Swiffer Sweeper Wet Cloth Refills (12 units)

Buy now

*Cheaper : The reception deposit$5.47

Also available on:



Amazon$11.44 (original $13.47)


Other retailers to check for different sizes:

Lowe’s$8.98 for 24 units

Large lots$9 for 24 accounts

Office deposit$9.99 for 24 units

Staples$13.19 for 24 units

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