The best wellness and self-care essentials for romantic getaways


If you’re tired of giving the same flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. So why not avoid the obvious this holiday and treat yourself and your partner – or just yourself, since self-love is the most important relationship of all – something that puts your comfort and well-being, wherever you are? Below are 15 products, ranked from most expensive to most affordable, that will remind you why taking care of yourself is also about loving yourself.

Four Seasons at Home Cashmere Throw$949

This generously sized to throw from the legendary luxury hotel brand is blended with ultra-fine cashmere and merino wool, comes in three destination-inspired hues (Milanese cobblestone, Tuscan macchiato, Sicilian chestnut) and is made in Italy. It will come in handy anytime and anywhere you want to feel more comfortable and pampered.

Offhours Homecoat in Affogato$295

Finally: a very popular product which lives up to the hype. Based on the belief that feeling comfortable and luxurious can indeed go hand in hand, OffHours offers just one item: its signature Homecoat, a dress-sweatshirt hybrid. Because it’s heavy and substantial – yet incredibly plush – it’s like being cocooned in your favorite blanket. Even better? The Homecoat is machine washable and the handy pockets keep your essentials close at hand.

UMA Only Love Kit$195

This limited edition quartet It’s not just for celebrating with a partner – it’s also great for celebrating self-love. All four products are formulated with organic ingredients and infused with the brand’s Pure Love fragrance. Because Uma is rooted in Ayurvedic principles and aromatherapy, the fragrance not only smells divine, it also helps lift your mood.

Pact Cool-Air Percale Sheet Set$180

From the visionary brand that has created durable, quality staples, from underwear to bodysuits, within everyone’s reach, here comes this new sheet set. As with the brand’s other offerings, it’s made from organic cotton – which uses 81% less water than conventional cotton made in a fair-trade factory – and is so cool to the touch that you’ll stay comfortable, even when things heat up in bed.

Monos Sevilla top and pants, $166

Leave it to a hip Canadian company that has made a name for itself with stylish, reasonably priced and highly functional hardside luggage to create everyday wear that embodies the same ethos. As comfortable as your favorite sweatshirts but stylish enough to be worn while being cozy with someone you love, the Sevilla top and pants are a no-brainer when it comes to packing for your next romantic getaway.

Sigil Complete Being Smoothing Cream Cleanser and Sigil Body Cleanser and Serum, $155 for both

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so why not treat every inch of it with the care it deserves? That’s the idea behind Sigil Complete Being Smoothing Cream Cleanser and Sigil Body Wash & Serum. Both products are packed with ingredients typically found in luxury skincare (think Hyaluronic Acid, Mokate Oil, and Gotu Kola), yet gentle enough for all faces and bodies , regardless of age and gender.

Merrell Women’s Antora Sneaker Boot Waterproof$150

Is your Valentine’s Day getaway taking you somewhere with extreme weather? So be sure to pack those shoes. A smart and stylish sneaker-boot hybrid, the Antoras are incredibly light – they weigh just 100 grams – but are so durable that even the most extreme snow and rain are no match for it. Plus, the convenient zipper makes putting them on and taking them off a snap.

The Feelist Me-Time Set$120

This chic wrapped together, which marries the best of nature and science, lets you enjoy the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD with a simple self-care ritual. First, release stress and tension with the Staycation lavender and vanilla scented bath salts, then generously apply Do Not Disturb to damp skin for best results.

Lord Jones The Full Spectrum Calm Bundle, $117

Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging of this duo, because both products are quite powerful when it comes to delivering the soothing benefits of CBD from the inside out. The full-spectrum tincture provides fast, soothing relief from everyday stressors, while the rich, yet fast-absorbing body lotion helps soothe even the most dry, irritated skin.

Discover the Night Clean silk pillowcase$110

There are countless reasons to switch to silk pillowcases – especially this one eco-responsible version untreated silk by Discover Night. They can help boost skin hydration, minimize wrinkles and reduce hair breakage. On top of that, they’re easy to care for (machine wash in cold water and air dry), and even easier to pack because they’re so lightweight.

Manduka Pro 2.5mm Travel Yoga Mat$75

Because fitness is important, no matter the vacation or the occasion, be sure to pack this portable mat. Made in Germany by Manduka, one of the world’s most respected yoga brands, this one features supportive padding, wicks sweat for great grip, and is easy to clean. The product’s lifetime warranty also means you can use it for years with peace of mind.

Consonant Skincare Come+Glow Set$75

While this bundle was created in the name of female self-love, it’s just as fun to use it with someone you love too. Inside you’ll find a Dame Zee vibrator – masturbation has been proven to give your complexion a healthy color – 4 HydrExtreme sheet masks to make your skin even more glowing and a QR code for The More You O, a podcast to help you do the most pleasing to you.

Susanne Kaufmann Bubble bath with mallow flower$70

Turn your next bath into a lavish ritual with this multitasking formula from Austrian clean skincare pioneer Susanne Kaufmann. Made with hydrating mallow flower that also protects the skin from environmental aggressors and soothing lavender, this concentrate bubble bath relaxes body and mind. The bubbles are rich and satisfyingly frothy, and the luxurious scent is an added bonus.

Curie Lovers Box$52

Planning a staycation instead of going out? Look no further than this all natural, romance boosting together which comes in three crunchy flavors: white tea, orange neroli and grapefruit blackcurrant. Add a few drops of body oil to your bath or apply directly to skin for a heavenly massage. Continue to increase the heat as you burn the clean-burning coconut and soy candle.

Candle The Two N°2$45

Awaken a little romance with this luxurious candle from Nashville-based perfume brand Les Deux. With notes of Amber, Saffron and Ambroxan, No. 2 is a particularly heady and rich fragrance – making it the perfect accessory to create a loving mood. And the sleek black container, which lends a chic touch to any space, can be reused once you’re done with the candle.


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