The best travel wellness and personal care essentials


“During the holidays, when we’re under the extra strain, personal care is one of the most important relationships we can have,” says skincare formulator and founder of her eponymous brand Mary Allan. “Taking care of ourselves allows us to take better care of the other important relationships we have. So think of self-care as times of ‘daily reset’, when we consciously stop to do something positive for ourselves. ”

With that in mind, below are 15 smart ways to provide personal care this holiday season. Even better? Everything in this guide is travel-friendly, so prioritizing your well-being on the road – no matter where your travels take you – will always be close at hand.

Mary Allan Infused Beauty Water, $ 79

“I love this product as a treat for myself and often give it to others because it’s so inspiring and joyful,” Allan says of one of his best-selling items. The fine mist is delicately scented with rose and neroli and infused with a multi-weight hyaluronic acid complex for deep hydration and antioxidant-rich blueberry stem cells. Simply spray when your complexion needs a lift and incorporate it into your daily skincare routine after cleansing and before serums, creams and oils.

Four Seasons At Home Resort Bathrobe, $ 699

Putting on a bathrobe is one of the easiest ways to alert your mind and body that it’s time to relax. The problem? How many are bulky and bulky. To remedy this, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts unveiled a new Resort Robe this fall. Crafted in Italy with lightweight wool and a sleek, knee-length sleeveless silhouette, this version flatters all body types. In fact, it’s so stylish that you’ll find ways to wear it when you’re on the go.

Quartet Retrouvé, $ 650

Although third-generation Kiehl’s heir Jami Morse Heidegger sold her iconic business to L’Oréal Paris in 2010, she continues her mission of uncompromising quality skin care with Retrouvé. The collection is highly edited and researched, and formulated with ingredients (like sustainably grown avocados) sourced from his family’s Malibu permaculture farm. This chic quartet, available just in time for the holidays, allows you to indulge yourself in the bestsellers of Retrouvé.

Noble Panacea The Responsible Beauty Set – Restorative Eye Cream, $ 418

Because the skin around the eyes is delicate, it is the first place to show signs of fatigue. So let this limited edition duo from the brand founded by Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart come to the rescue. Rooted in science – the brand incorporates proprietary organic super molecular vesselsMT for maximum potency – and durability – all packaging is recyclable – each single dose sachet contains highly active ingredients (think argireline, CoQ10 and horse chestnut) not only to hydrate, but also to promote in-depth cell regeneration.

Addison Bay Bainbridge Sweater, $ 198

Founded by Marguerite Adzick in 2018, Addison Bay’s goal is simple: to provide women with stylish and versatile athletic wear that can be worn anywhere. And this sweater, halfway between a sweatshirt and a fleece, will quickly become an essential piece. It’s extremely comfortable with oversized pockets, complements just about anything you’ll wear, and the ivory color will be crisp all winter long.

TribeTokes Delta 8 Disposable Vape – Northern Lights (Indica), $ 50

Are you a fan of CBD, but looking for more relief? Try Delta 8 THC. Considered by many to be a ‘light weed’, the substance made legal by the Farm Bill of 2018 has many of the benefits of Delta 9 THC (what most of us call weed) but with fewer psychoactive effects. (head held high). And this disposable vape from the famous female-owned company makes it easy to dose. Even a single pull will help get you into a cold state of mind.

Aspen Reprise Activewear Leggings in Black, $ 120

While leggings are wardrobe staples, they do have a dark side to them. Most are made with plastic microfibers, which are harmful to our planet. So, to be part of the solution, not the problem, invest in a pair of Aspen leggings from Reprise. They are ultra-stretch and breathable like a second skin, opaque and, most importantly, made with TENCEL â„¢, a plant fiber produced in a sustainable way.

Rukske willow candle, $ 60

When Los Angeles-based stylist Brooke Dulien founded Rukske in 2017, she set out to create the ultimate must-have candle – and succeeded. The minimalist design is timeless and looks great in any room. And because the candles are hand cast with soy wax blend, they will burn cleanly for 50 hours. But really, it’s the smell that makes Willow such a knockout. The complex blend of green and woody notes sets the stage for the outdoors, whatever the time of year.

Mink Nude Cashmere Mule, $ 95

Looking to keep your feet warm without sacrificing style? Then go for these house slippers from Naked Cashmere. The Mink shade is understated and pretty, and the shape is simple and clean – so you can wear them for years to come. Since the company expressly uses fair trade, sustainable and cruelty-free cashmere, you’ll have even more peace of mind wearing them.

DS & Durga Roadtrip Hits Perfume Set, $ 60

Since we take more trips than ever before, why not make the trip as enjoyable as possible with this fun set from Brooklyn-based fragrance house DS & Durga? There you will discover five scent cards (including Portable Fireplace, which is reminiscent of sitting by a crackling fire) that will permeate any small space (think cars, closets, bathrooms) d ‘a well-designed fragrance.

Mustela Bebe On The Go Travel Skin Care Set, $ 15

If you’re one of the millions of people struggling with eczema, dry itchy skin, or sensitivity to fragrances, pack this trio from the beloved French baby brand on your next trip. Because if it’s gentle enough for kids, it will be gentle enough for you too. The cleansing gel is suitable for hair, face and body, while the body lotion provides comfortable, long-lasting hydration from head to toe. The wipes come in handy when you need to cool off on the go.

ManiMe Stick On Gel Nails in Scarlet, $ 15

Getting eye-catching manicures anytime, anywhere is now a snap with ManiMe. The revolutionary company founded by Korean Jooyeon Song specializes in 3D printed gel stickers personalized to fit your unique nail shape. To get started: Submit photos of your nails, select the designs you want, ranging from classic designs to limited edition designs from top nail artists, then check it out. Once you’ve received your gels, see the easy-to-follow online tutorial.

The NOW Massage copper dry brush, $ 42

Although dry brushing has been widely adopted in ancient cultures around the world, the practice has never been hotter in the United States than it is today. Besides promoting lymphatic drainage, circulation, and exfoliation, the copper in this particular version is said to help neutralize free radicals in the skin. For best results: Use long, gentle, wide strokes towards your heart on dry skin for several minutes before taking a shower or bath.

Patchology Serve Chilled Rosé Eye Gels, $ 35

No matter how tired, dry or dull your eyes are, a quick 10-minute session with these award-winning eye gels will enhance them right away. Made up of a powerful trio of proven ingredients (antioxidant-rich resveratrol, vitamin C-rich strawberry extract, and hydrating hyaluronic acid), they’re like happy hour for your skin. Don’t forget to keep them in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect.

Lilash Engagement Set, $ 99

Eyelash extensions can improve your appearance, but can also cause damage down the line. So let them blossom to their full potential with this set, available only for the holidays. Powered by special ingredients that target your eyelash growth cycle, the concentrated serum – each tube lasts for three months – noticeably increases length in just four weeks, while the backing reminds you not to miss an application.


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