The Best Hot Rollers to Give Your Hair Salon-Worthy Curls



Bigger is better, at least when it comes to curls. As Dolly Parton once said, “the higher the hair, the closer to God it is”.

Hot rollers may conjure up visions of a vintage beauty ritual, but if your heart desires nothing more than red carpet glamour, they’ll work way better than curling tongs — and no arm ache from a blow-dry. laborious.

Hot rollers are back

It’s not just us; BaByliss Ambassador and Celebrity Go to Session Stylist Syd Hayes confirms: ‘Whether on the red carpet or in the salon, I’ve seen an increase in requests for glam, full-bodied hair recently: think big, bouncy , Studio 54-vibes.

Hot Rollers are the fastest and best way to create volume, bounce and big curl to hair and always a session stylist’s secret trick to adding instant volume. I have always been a fan of them for years!

What are heated rollers?

Comprised of large and medium-sized rollers sitting on a heated base, many these days come with textured finishes to allow hair strands to grip more effectively. The idea is to wrap strands of hair around the rollers and secure them with clips or bobby pins at the top of the head. Then just let them cool completely before removing them.

How to use heated curlers

It may sound simple, but there are a few insider tips for achieving mind-blowing volume that lasts all day. We consulted Sonia Ground, Senior Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons for her pro tips on using heated curlers:

  • Always use heat protection: Using a good heat protectant spray or cream on your hair is essential when it comes to heat styling. These protect each strand from damage to your hair caused by heat emitting products from straighteners, hair dryers and hot rollers.

  • Use on dry hair: Most hot roller brands require you to use them on dry hair. This is because wet hair is more fragile and prone to damage. Check the instructions before using them to make sure this is the recommended method as some brands may differ.

  • Part your hair: Parting your hair when heat styling makes the process much easier and gives you better results. With heated rollers, for each section of hair, the width should not be larger than the roller in order to achieve a better curl.

  • Secured with handles: Many hot roller sets come with special handles – these help hold the hair in place while the hot roller does its magic. Curl from the bottom of each section of hair upwards and secure in place with the included handles for longer lasting curls.

  • Raising Your Roots: When it comes to using hot rollers on your roots, make sure the roller is set with the hair on the roots that rise above it. Pulling it down and flat won’t give you the root lift you’re looking for, so be sure to keep it up.

When it comes to choosing a set of heated rollers, there are several. We’ve rounded up the best in terms of budget and use to spend your money on.

See our favorites below

BaByliss thermo-ceramic rollers

High volume curls are all good and good, but nothing will shatter the illusion of glamor faster than frizz. That’s why we love BaByliss thermo-ceramic rollers. Each of the soft touch rollers is made of ceramic to ensure soft, shiny curls that really go the distance.

There are 20 rollers in all: 8 large (32mm), 6 medium (26mm), 6 small (19mm), plus a set of 20 super clips and metal pins to hold them in place. This means you can prep, put on makeup—even take out the trash if you need to—during the time it takes for your hair to cool and set.

The corded machine runs on 1150W and only comes with one heat setting, although we found that enough to effectively curl our sections. Best of all, when you shop at John Lewis, electrical appliances come with a two-year warranty, so if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

Buy Now £45.00, John Lewis

T3 Volumizing Heat Rollers

Granted, T3’s roller set is a lot smaller than the others on our list, but if you’re looking for a travel set, they tick all the right boxes. Eight rollers – 1.5 inches and four 1.75 inches – rest on an ultra-lightweight base and are warmed by the base pins. Just plug it in, press start and you’ll soon be good to go.

Although the device heats up to maximum on first use, you can adjust the heat settings to two levels, depending on how long the curl you want to achieve. Simply wait until the velvet-flocked rollers are warm enough and hold them by the edges, wrapping two-inch sections of hair from tip to root. Add a handle to hold it in place and allow it to cool before releasing it and letting the roller fall.

We found finger combing helped to keep the curl in shape rather than brushing. Its compact size means it can easily be stored in a drawer or shelf until needed again.

Buy Now £125.00, Net-A-Porter

Remington PROluxe H9100 Heated Rollers

Utilizing Dual Heat technology, this set is a hairstylist’s favorite for its super-fast heat-up time, which includes both rollers and clips. The curls set on two different types of rollers – there are eight medium-sized and 12 large – in as little as five minutes, making it more effective than a blow-dry for most hair types. And, with 20 rollers, you can effectively section and cover the entire head so no strands fly out.

Whether you’re looking for Hollywood-style curls or more of a beach girl look, you can achieve the hair of your dreams with Remington’s PROluxe rollers.

The only (slight) downside is the size. Although the rollers and clips store compactly inside the case, the case itself is quite large and does not easily fit on most dressing tables. There remains only a small price to pay for nearly twenty hot rollers ready to use in 90 seconds flat.

Buy Now £44.99, Boots

Glamoriser Multi Styling Glamor Rollers

Looking more like a ’90s boombox than a hair tool, these rollers are a complete departure from what you’d expect. No pins or handles are needed to hold them in place here: instead, silicone tabs are used to hold your locks in place while the loop is forming.

There are two roller sizes, 12 x 19mm and 12 x 23mm, making them convenient to use on long or short hair.

Plus, the rollers have been coated with Black Diamond Oil to infuse shine and the heat-up time is relatively quick – just five minutes until you’re ready to roll.

Shop Now £49.99, Amazon

TRESemme 3039U Volume Roller Set

If you’re looking for your first heat roller set that won’t break the bank, TRESemme’s model is an ideal set that doesn’t skimp on performance. It’s perfect for those with long, thick hair, with 10 large rollers that heat up simultaneously and are good for creating big, bouncy waves – real beach Barbie stuff.

There’s a set of pins to help the hair stay in place on and around the head and each set comes with a storage case so you can keep them safe when not in use. No need to sacrifice glamor when you go on vacation either, these rollers come with global voltage so you can use them at home or abroad. To earn.

Buy Now £20.00, Sainsbury’s

BaByliss Boutique Hair Curlers – Black

Salon-worthy flowing hair can be tricky to recreate at home, mainly because you only have two sets of hands and can’t see the back of your head. Hot rollers make it possible to do the whole head yourself in half the time because you just need to be able to roll and clip.

While the Boutique Hair Roller Set from BaByliss is undeniably chunky, the 12-piece set makes it look like you’ve had a professional blow-dry every day. They are secured with anti-crease clips to ensure that each curl and wave is as flawless as its neighbour. And while they’re warm, they’re at a comfortable temperature to prevent squeals of surprise if accidentally touched.

Buy Now £50.00, Lookfantastic

BaByliss 3663U Curl Pods Heated Hair Rollers

It only takes three minutes for the 18 rolls in this set to heat up; perfect if you want big volume fast. The rollers are in a pod design, eliminating the need to travel with pins (and that also means you can keep using the rollers even if you misplace the pins).

Simply wrap sections of hair from tip to root around the cloves, ending at the scalp before securing them in place. Once cooled, carefully remove and shake out your hair to free your head of curls. Easy.

Buy now £34.99, Argos


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