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HOUSTON (KIAH) — ChicExecs lifestyle expert Kiley Thomas joins Houston Happens host Maggie Flecknoe with some amazing summer essentials. Here is an overview of the five brands featured in the segment.

Did you know that your shampoo or shower gel could cause you acne? Dermatologists say that many shampoos cause breakouts along the hairline, shoulders, and back. TEENOLOGY skin and hair care does not! TEENOLOGY leaves out the sulfates, parabens, and oils that cause breakouts and puts in the good stuff. In fact, the shampoo is “Amazon’s Choice” for teenage hair care. Boost your kids’ confidence and give them one less worry with TEENOLOGY!

Introducing the best and softest weighted blanket ever! Not only are they evenly distributed in each sewn pocket, but they’re also machine washable and made in the USA. They are used to help calm anxiety and insomnia, reduce stress and broken heart syndrome – ALL because of the blanket’s deep tactile pressure. Moxie makes covers from 5 to 15 pounds!

Elevate your summer outfits with remarkable jewelry from NÜR! The brand offers stunning gold jewelry made with a unique waterproof vacuum coating that ensures longer durability. It’s the perfect solution for those with metal allergies, as everything is hypoallergenic, made from surgical-grade stainless steel and plated with 18k gold. Plus, gorgeous pieces are affordable, with pieces ranging from $30 to $50.

Available in three colors, REVVV Swim’s THE One Piece offers a classic, timeless fit designed to follow you, whether you’re lounging on a beach chair or swimming laps. Made of 100% recycled Italian nylon, THE One Piece supports an active lifestyle. The swimsuit dramatically reduces your risk of sun exposure with UPF 50+, blocking 98% of the sun’s rays. It’s a durable swimsuit that’s athletic, luxurious and stylish – all in one piece.

The 70s trend has hit the sportswear industry and Yoga Democracy gives us retro feelings full of color and style. Nothing says fun, flashy and fitness more than flared bell bottom leggings! Yoga Democracy designs eco-friendly activewear with women’s collections mixing vibrant, fashion-forward prints with creative workout gear you’re proud to own and wear.

With these great brands, you’re sure to enjoy the summer with your family and friends looking and feeling their best!


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