Smile Closet provides Middletown elementary school students with ‘essentials’ for local churches


Vendors said the program is important because it makes it difficult for young children to be productive students when they don’t have the proper hygiene items and clean clothes.

“When you’re cold, hungry, or have bugs in your hair, you can’t pay attention,” Sellers said. “It shows that the community cares about them.”

Elizabeth Beadle, spokesperson for the district, said he was “fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with our community, especially our faith community.”

In these “troubling times,” it is heartwarming to know that the district can still count on its community to donate its time and resources, she said.

It is also important, Sellers said, to take the church’s message outside the walls and to show “the love of God” in the community.

“It’s one way to do it,” she said. “We are like the hands and feet of God on this earth. “

Rosa Parks students also receive winter coats, hats and scarves from Amazon.

The company is delivering 500 copies of each item to the school at 10 a.m. Monday, the district said. There are about 600 students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 and all students will receive winter clothing, depending on the district. Both Methodist churches will purchase additional items as needed.


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