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Hold back a yawn because of daylight saving time? We are there with you. Luckily, this week is National Sleep Week, so you can catch up on all the zzzs your alarm clock stole from you last night. The National Sleep Foundation launched Sleep Week in 1998 to coincide with the first day of daylight saving time and to raise awareness of the importance of sleep and rest. Sleep Foundation medical review expert Dr. Abhinav Singh suggests trying to wind down earlier this week to give yourself an opportunity to get eight hours of sleep. “Be prepared to feel tired and sleepy this week,” he says. “Take a short nap of 15 to 20 minutes if possible.”

But if you need many more than a nap or a week to celebrate, you have the rest of March to make the best night’s sleep a healthy habit. So that means taking a break from your blue light exposure to replenish your body with high-quality sleep. If you’re worried about your environment interfering with your sleep (whether it’s your bedroom design or your back pain), there’s hope for your sleep issues! We reached out to Dr. Michael Breus, Purple’s Chief Sleep Advisor, to share the life-changing tips that will improve your sleep. Dr. Breus shares, “I believe that sleep is a performance activity, similar to running. When you have the right mattress, pillow, linens, lighting, sound, and temperature, you’ll sleep better. It’s all about the environment. Here’s a guide to your best sleep yet, plus the products we’ve tested ourselves that improve our nighttime routine.

Healthy rest habits for sleep week 2022:

1. Get into good habits: “Better sleep is all about prioritizing and creating healthy habits in the right environment,” says Dr. Breus.

2. Avoid caffeine mid-afternoon: “Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee in the morning? But unfortunately, drinking it too late in the day can have a negative impact on your sleep. Caffeine has a half-life of about six to eight hours. This means that 50% of the caffeine is still in your system after eight hours. Since it can take your body eight hours to clear half of the caffeine from your system, even if you don’t notice it, the caffeine is still there and will disrupt sleep.

3. Daily exercise:Moderate exercise can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. Many of my patients who exercise regularly sleep better and feel more alert and rejuvenated the next day. Exercising during the day will not only help you fall asleep faster, but will also lead to longer, deeper sleep with fewer awakenings during the night.”

4. Don’t drink alcohol too close to the bed:Drinking alcohol too close to bed can prevent you from achieving deep sleep by reducing your REM and stage 3 or 4 sleep. It can also dehydrate you, making you thirsty when you wake up. And that can cause snoring.”

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The best non-digital sleep aid

Sleep Aid Meditation Box

“Research has shown that to maintain an optimal sleep space, all noise should be at a decibel level below 35,” says Dr. Breus. “To help with this, white noise machines are a great sleep tool for masking unwanted noise, reducing awakenings and increasing the amount of sleep.”

This little gadget will give you all the sensations of a carousel music box from your childhood. With three keys, you can unlock a good night’s sleep by customizing meditation and sophrology techniques to help you unwind peacefully.


The most versatile mattress

Hybrid mattress premier 3 purple

I can’t say enough about Purple’s best-selling mattress (I reviewed it and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep). It’s made of a soft gel that has airways to keep you cool while you sleep. You can feel the small grid yourself as a sample or test the mattress for a 100-day trial.


The best night light

Night light (set of two)

“Light limits are key to protecting sleep and creating an optimal sleep environment. Your bedroom should be dark throughout your sleep,” Dr. Breus advises. This night light is a lifesaver if your partner often gets up and floods the room with light. The light gently increases with motion sensor technology and decreases as you move away.


The highest rated weighted blanket

Weighted throw

We reviewed the best weighted blankets online and this breathable option was one of our favorites (we even gave it our Live Better award). It allows airflow without feeling like a ton of bricks. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to feel that cooling blanket, here’s your chance to snuggle deeper into bed.


best night light

Gold 8 desk lamp with USB

If you can’t help but check your email or scroll through social media before bed, that may be the very distraction that’s ruining the flow of your sleep. “No phones light up on the bedside table, no environmental lights from outside,” advises Dr. Breus.

But, if you can’t stop glancing at your laptop, this sleek, optometrist-designed lamp is flexible enough to fit your schedule day and night. It has a touch switch for three low blue light settings.


best silk pillowcase

Money | silk pillowcase

There’s no better way to wake up on the safe side of the bed than a luxurious silk pillowcase that smooths out wrinkles and bed hair. You can press snooze for an extra dose of sleep since you won’t have to spend an hour doing your hair or makeup.


Snoozewear™ Bathrobe

Need a midday nap? You can sleep faster with this gorgeous dress! The quilt-like robe has pockets deep enough to set an alarm on your phone when your nap is over!


The softest blanket

Li’l Marsh Small Plush Blanket

Our editors have reviewed the softest blankets we hold dear and this popular blanket stands out as a must-have for a comfy, breezy night’s sleep. The blanket doesn’t cling to you for a clammy feel and is suitable for even the hottest seasons. You will take it everywhere with you.

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