Shine Hair Salon and Boutique Moves Downtown


CHEBOYGAN – The new location for Hair Design Salon and Shine Boutique officially opened at 215 N. Main St. on Monday, February 21 from its previous location at 1111 E. State St.

The new location has more foot traffic and visibility, according to owner Nicki Kryska.

Kryska purchased the building last May with the intention of bringing the more than 100-year-old building in downtown Cheboygan back to life. Before being taken over by Kryska, the location was an auto parts store, but it sat empty for several years.

“We’re seeing this resurgence in Cheboygan which is really great and so I wanted to be a part of that,” Kryska said. “This building was a real eyesore, and I just saw the potential.”

Renovations at 215 N. Main St. took place from May 2021 to February 2022. The completed Shine Barber Shop and Boutique opened Monday, February 21 after nearly a year of construction on the 100-plus-year-old building .

Kryska has owned the salon for five years and in June 2020 decided to add Shine Boutique to the business.

Her longtime friend and boutique co-owner, Cherish Wilcome, is also the salon’s massage therapist. When Kryska brought up the idea of ​​buying and renovating the downtown location, Wilcome said she was all for it.

“Now was the time to do it,” she said. “Cheboygan is going through this beautification process right now. So many buildings are getting a makeover and we were all ready to jump on board. We were ready to expand to have more square footage, more space. We also expanded into menswear, which before we only did womenswear, so I was all for that.

As for the salon and boutique staff, all eight decided to join Kryska and Wilcome in the new location. Their regular customers also followed and were very excited about the new space, Wilcome said.

“Everyone is blown away,” she said. “Everybody’s used to (the building) being an auto parts store, and you walk in, well, I don’t think you can find much more across the street (than) a beauty salon and a store. of clothes. At this point. But everyone is amazed. A lot of hard work, a lot of time invested but it’s worth it.

The merchandise is on display in Shine Boutique, which opened with Hair Design Salon on Monday, Feb. 21 after nearly a year of construction on the 100-plus-year-old building.

Kryska added that “I have the best support system.”

“Our community is awesome and my clients are almost like family to me,” she said. “I obviously couldn’t do any of this without them and it’s so great when you have that kind of support.”

Kryska described the new location as “industrial but boujee”.

They have retained the original brickwork and original tin ceiling of the over a century old building. Then they added chandeliers, leather chairs and other decorations to make the interior more “chic”. Wilcome described the interior as modern with a touch of history.

The completed Shine hair salon and boutique opened at 215 N. Main St. on Monday, Feb. 21 after nearly a year of construction on the 100-plus-year-old building.

Once the winter weather subsides, the exterior of the building will be updated with fresh paint, new awnings and a mural on the second floor.

With the added space and all new amenities, the salon can now offer facials and have a separate room for manicures and pedicures. They can also offer a more comprehensive service with tanning, eyelash extensions, eyelash enhancement, eyebrow tinting and waxing.

For Kryska and Wilcome, the new location of their businesses was their way of contributing to the beautification of their hometown.

“Cheboygan is an awesome community,” Kryska said. “Being born and raised here, I know a lot of people here, but they really welcomed us with open arms and everyone is so excited for us. Not just to be downtown, but to renovate the building and make it a vibrant part of Cheboygan again.


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