“She really thought she did a good job”


Hairdressing is an art – that’s why it should be left to professionals. Unfortunately sometimes even professionals fail.

A woman taken from TikTok to share the nightmarish dye job she received from a professional stylist, and six million views later, it seems the results left her fellow users just as shocked.

“Yes, it was done in a living room, no, it was not his first ‘sweep’. Yes I got my money back and reported it, ”@ btrevy16 wrote in its caption.

The video shows the Pinterest-worthy inspiration she was looking for when she embarked on ‘balayage’, a highlighting technique in which the stylist paints hair straight instead of painting leaves for more color. natural and more mixed.

What she received was far from natural, however. The photo showed uneven-colored blonde-yellow rectangular pieces in her long dark brown hair.

After a while @ btrevy16 disabled comments for the post but shared some follow-up videos in which she told the whole story.

She said the stylist was so wrong that they had to cut six inches of hair down to her waist. It’s been a few years now, and it’s still a long time – and seems to have a nice, subtle balayage.

“I think she really thought she did a good job”, @ btrevy16 said in another post. She and the stylist argued for a few days, and she said it was difficult for her to get her money back, but eventually things turned out well.

“It sucked, but it was healthy in the long run,” she added. In response to a comment, she noted that her hair was “fried more than a Twinkie at the state fair” after the incident.

Commentators were shocked that any professional could mess something so badly.

“I am a stylist and I am honestly impressed with the way she did” a user said.

“Even when they cut it, it was uneven. Horrible customer service, I’m telling you, ” another wrote.

Most of the time, having good hair is worth the risk of messing it up. If that goes wrong, you could at least get a viral post out of it.

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