Say goodbye to flat braids with these hair care essentials this summer


As much as we love windy summer evenings, we absolutely hate humid conditions because they lead to lots of sweat leading to flat, greasy hair. Managing braids during the summer is already a task and the humidity and heat only add to it. Of right shampoo for hair conditioner and much more, our vanity definitely needs summer essentials that can add volume to our hair while keeping it healthy and nourished. And to help you with the same, we have curated a list of the best hair care essentials to mark for the summer.

We’ve handpicked essential hair care essentials for you

Schwarzkopf Fiber Clinix Volumizing Shampoo

A good and proper shampoo is the basic step to dealing with your hair care issues. Infused with Phytokine, this shampoo helps boost fullness in fine, fragile hair for increased stability and control. It also comes with powerful technology that eventually helps repair advanced damage and transform your hair.

The Body Shop Moringa Hair Mist

Say goodbye to dull hair with this hair mist. A refreshing hair care routine is the necessity for the summer season. Keep that sweaty smell at bay with this hair mist because it will not only add a touch of freshness but also give you smelly hair. It instantly gives shine and volume to your hair.

Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Conditioner

This hair conditioner from Forest essentials is a non-greasy spray that is perfect for controlling your sweaty hair. Infused with Ayurvedic herbal extracts, this hair conditioner is an absolute multifunctional product your summer beauty repertoire needs. It promotes hair growth and strengthens weak follicles. To buy Right here

Batiste India Dry Shampoo

A dry shampoo is essential for the summer season. And this choice of Batiste is perfect to serve the purpose well. It cleans and nourishes your hair in just a few sprays, making your hair absolutely flawless. It also adds some volume to your mane and adds a soothing scent.


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