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Puccini Hair Design moves after Pitt property sale, Sorrento fate unclear

Salvatore Puccini said that although his family has been in Oakland since 1975 and has spent over 40 years operating Puccini Hair Design on Atwood Street, he is excited to move to a new location soon.

“I was like, so it’s not as bad as what I originally heard. I thought I had to say to everyone, ‘Hey, we survived a pandemic. But you know, we have to close, that’s what I heard, ”Puccini said. “But they were actually trying to be like, ‘Hey, like, that’s what we’re going to do, but would you like an even better space than the one you’re in now? “”

The Oakland Planning and Development Corp. announcement on July 26 that she sells a property at 233-237 Atwood Street in Pitt, which includes the buildings where Puccini Hair Design and Sorrento Roma Pizza are accommodated.

According to the announcement, Pitt is committed as part of the sale negotiation to create opportunities for staff and faculty to live in Oakland, to transfer a house to OPDC for use in the Oakland Community. Land Trust, to create meeting space at a Pitt property in downtown Oakland and provide retail space in Sennott Square to OPDC rent-free for 10 years.

Puccini said his business was moving to a space next to Panera in the Sennott Square building on Forbes Avenue. He said he was assured by the University that the business would be able to operate smoothly during the transition to a different space.

“Yes, we were assured that there would be no business disruption,” Puccini said. “The University has given us the assurance, you know, the assurance that we can operate here until everything is ready to go there. ”

University spokesman Kevin Zwick has not commented on any other details of the sale.

Another business affected by the sale is Sorrento’s Pizza, located at 233 Atwood St. Sorrento’s has also been in Oakland for over 40 years. The Pitt News has visited the storefront on several occasions in an attempt to ask management how they plan to accommodate the sale of the property to the University, but the restaurant has been closed each time.

Sorrento’s Pizza Roma is currently located at 233 Atwood Street (Jon Moss | Editor-in-Chief)

While still unsure of the exact timing of the transition process, Puccini said it is important for his business to start the transition during a slow period to ensure it does not disrupt customers or operations. commercial.

“We have thousands of clients, we have clients who have been coming here for over 40 years, believe it or not, right? Puccini said. “And then we… meet new people every day. But that’s one of the things I told them. I was like, look, you know, it’s like it’s going to work, ‘I said,’ We have to make sure that, you know, we can transition in a slow time. ‘ “

Puccini said he was excited about the possibilities of the new space due to better accessibility for people with disabilities for customers and more modern salon amenities. Although it was a “process and a half” according to Puccini, he said it was an exciting change from what he said was “one of the busiest salons in western Pennsylvania” .

“It’s a really great space. So, you know, this aspect is really exciting, ”Puccini said. “But obviously, you know, in the transition from one place to another, if you have to build it all up, it’s going to be a process and a half. But yes, it’s both exciting. And it’s just going to go into uncharted territory in terms of, you know, what the possibilities are. “

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