Pregnant hair salon owner is in tears after customer sends ‘awful’ email


The owner of a hair salon in Swansea has shared a heartbreaking email she received from a client after she canceled an appointment due to a ‘disruptive and confrontational’ consultation

‘It’s Science’ hair salon in Swansea

The owner of a hair salon in Swansea has shared an email sent to her after she refused future customer service.

Gemma Amura, owner of ‘It’s Science’, a tech vegan hairstylist, said she received the ‘awful’ email after she canceled an appointment following a ‘disruptive and confrontational’ consultation.

“It’s Science” is a 100% vegan, gender-neutral and inclusive salon that prides itself on its mission statement: “to make everyone feel like someone”.

Following a phone conversation between the client and Gemma, a heavily worded email was left on the salon’s email, describing the owner as a ‘little brat’, reports Wales Online.

The email left Gemma in tears


Gemma Amura)

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Gemma, who is six months pregnant, was ‘left in tears’ after reading the heavily worded email.

She argued that the ethos of her salon and the first meeting with the client prompted her to cancel the future appointment.

“When the person entered the salon they were disruptive and confrontational. I was already on a date with another client and we allocated time slots as part of our Covid measures,” the man from 36 years.

“The safety and comfort of my workers alongside my customers has always been my top priority and that day made not only my staff uncomfortable, but also the customers I was already dealing with. .

“They had asked me by name and made comments about having a haircut in Swansea, the salon prides itself on being an open and welcoming safe space and on this day it wasn’t not the case.”

The client sent a strong message


Gemma Amura)

Because of this, Gemma decided it would be best to cancel the future appointment, but this resulted in an email airing the client’s complaints, including personal attacks on the salon owner’s character.

A screenshot of the email was shared on social media.

It read: “I actually find it quite hilarious that you thought I would always come to the appt after your disgraceful behavior, I was quite nervous anyway about risking a tacky Swansea hair salon by touching my hair as I normally go to the brooks and streams in London, but after meeting you I just thought I wouldn’t come up to your ignorance.”

The post went on to criticize the hairdresser’s decision to return to Swansea after working elsewhere, saying “it’s pretty clear after meeting you, your attitude probably got you kicked out”.

Another excerpt from the email


Gemma Amura)

The client then goes on to list their version of events so the owner can “maybe grow up a bit.”

It didn’t stop there, as the client complained that they had “tried to make things nicer” and found a solution, but “incorrect information” led to the situation.

They added: “People like you always know they’re wrong deep down and ashamed of their behavior, but ignorantly act like an easy way out and you’re probably living in denial with most areas of your life.

“I hope one day you wake up and realize how ashamed you are and change. Fingers crossed for you. All the best little brat,” they said.

The letter left Gemma very upset, but she now plans to put the unfortunate situation behind her, saying: “I’m really proud of where I come from and we hear comments talking about Swansea in a negative light, as if it were different from where other salons are based.

“It’s just a tougher time for everyone, that sense of community has taken on some momentum during the pandemic and small businesses have to live up to their morals or we won’t last”

“That speaks for itself, I don’t want any conflict with anyone, so we just leave it at that and leave it behind, it’s not who we are as a salon and my priority is my team. “

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