Organizing a bathroom cabinet: 10 ways to order the essentials


Organizing bathroom furniture is a must to maximize its usefulness. This is the key to avoiding clutter and making it easier to locate the essentials.

Not only that, but ordering a bathroom vanity is a mainstay for organizing a bathroom well, making using the bathroom more efficient when you’re in a hurry, while playing its part in keeping the room looking its best. .

For a bathroom vanity that keeps everything neat and tidy, we’ve put together these guidelines with advice from organization experts.

Organize bathroom furniture

The best bathroom vanity ideas will enhance the room, but the space control systems it offers are also essential to ensure that bathroom necessities do not compromise the beauty of the room. To successfully organize a bathroom vanity, categorization and organization are key, and these suggestions will help.

1. Consider daily use

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There is one big rule that anyone arranging a bathroom vanity should know. “The vanity is the mainstay of your bathroom, and only everyday objects are worth living in,” says Janet Bernstein, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of organization professionals.

The vanity does not have to contain absolutely everything that is of daily use, of course. A few select items may be on display when arranging a bathroom counter, while a few may be on display when arranging bathroom shelves.

For items that aren’t used daily, an organized bathroom closet is an alternate location.

2. Edit Vanity Content

Start with a clean sheet for an organized vanity with these decluttering tips. “Pull everything out of the drawer to see what you have,” says professional organizer Barbara Brock, founder and CEO of Beauty & The Box and Past President of the National Association of Productivity and Organizational Professionals, New York Chapter.

Then put like with like. ‘Sort all items into categories. Look what you have: makeup, men’s products, hair products, skincare, travel drawer. »

Once the categorization is done? “Decide what you would like to live in this drawer,” says Barbara.

3. Divide and conquer

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Another of the crucial principles when organizing a bathroom vanity is to use drawer dividers.

“There is nothing worse than opening a drawer to objects that have no place,” says the founder and director of Juliet Interiors, Juliet Thomas. “Make sure you organize yourself so you can instantly find what you’re looking for; no one has time to rummage through drawers. Have separate sections for different uses, such as moisturizers, bath products, teeth cleaning, shower gel, etc. Keep upper drawers for more used items and lower drawers for less often used items.

Steven Jaques, National Development Manager for Pelipal at Bedroom design inspired by InHouse accepted. “While the makeup and accessories that are stored inside the vanity don’t need to be aesthetically arranged, make sure they stay functional with ergonomic drawer dividers to keep all your products out of the way. to spill on the counter.”

4. Customize a vanity drawer

While some vanities come with drawer dividers, it may be necessary to customize one without. If so, always figure out which daily-use items will be kept there, then measure the drawers and buy vanity organizers for those items, advises Janet Bernstein.

“Don’t do this step backwards (i.e. buy drawer organizers, then try to store your items in small containers),” she cautions.

5. Plan morning and evening

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If there are two drawers available for each person sharing, this method of organizing a bathroom vanity from professional organizer Brenda Scott of Organize my space could prove effective.

Create a personal morning drawer with “everything you need to get ready in the morning”. It could be for oral hygiene, makeup, medication,” says Brenda.

A second drawer should be a personal evening drawer containing “everything you need to get ready for bed,” she says. “There will be times to go to the morning drawer but don’t buy duplicates, just open the other drawer,” she adds.

6. Take care of the whole family

With fewer vanity drawers than two per person, another method may be needed to share the vanity. “Have a drawer or set of drawers for each family member (labeled) and that’s where their items are kept,” suggests Brenda Scott. “Use drawer dividers to keep things neat and tidy.”

It will not be possible to have a dedicated area morning and evening with this option. “Vanity drawers should hold everything you need to start and end the day,” she says.

7. Bring baskets

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A vanity with a shelf under the drawer is likely to attract unsightly clutter into its open space, making the bathroom hectic. To avoid messes, find baskets suitable for the shelf, which will also have the added benefit of adding a contrasting natural texture to the bathroom design.

This is the perfect place to put clean towels or washcloths to use at the sink. They will also create a spa style for the room.

8. Collect makeup brushes

One of the daily use collections in a bathroom vanity is likely to be a set of makeup brushes, and you might want to take this tactic to organize them.

“Makeup brushes take up much less space when stored vertically in a small round container or glass,” says Janet Bernstein. “Many bathroom vanities have nice deep drawers, so use the vertical space.”

9. Corral in a cabinet

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When it comes to organizing a bathroom cabinet rather than a drawer style, organizing a bathroom vanity may require interior additions for the smallest of its contents. Clear containers can hold them and make them quick to locate, while baskets are ideal for bulkier supplies. Lazy Susans can make the essentials easy to grab.

As for maximizing vertical space: “If you have a vanity that doesn’t have drawers, you can purchase a set of freestanding tiered drawers that slide under the sink,” advises Brenda Scott.

10. Keep an eye on the shelf life

Even the most organized bathroom vanity can accumulate items over time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to periodically recheck the content. Look at all cosmetics and beauty products in the vanity, which will indicate their shelf life on the packaging. Get rid of anything that’s expired.

And, past their best or not, if there are any items that are no longer in use, be sure to remove them and dispose of them appropriately to maintain a clutter-free vanity.

How to Organize a Bathroom Vanity Drawer?

To organize a bathroom vanity drawer, remove everything and discard items that are no longer needed or out of date. Keep anything that isn’t used daily out of the way so it can be stored elsewhere.

After that, grouping similar items together and assigning a section of the drawer to each group is the easiest way to organize a single drawer. If the drawer doesn’t have dividers, buy a few to keep items tidy.

What should I put in my vanity drawer?

A bathroom vanity drawer should be dedicated to daily needed items. Think cosmetics, brushes and sponges, hair products, face and body lotions, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. Be careful with medications. Although it is convenient to keep them in the bathroom, check the labels as the conditions may not be suitable and when they are they will need to be kept outside the bathroom.


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