Newcomerstown hair salon receives small business grant


As personal businesses such as beauty salons, restaurants and others have faced major challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, grants have become available from large corporations and others.

American Express and Main Street America were just one of many companies to come together to provide grants to small businesses across the United States at a crucial time for those struggling to keep going, as well as those who need upgrades, help with inventory, rent, or other operational assistance. .

American Express and Main Street America have shown preference for those deeply impacted by COVID, as well as businesses located in older historic commercial districts. A round of grants focused primarily on giving grants to dry cleaners, beauty salons, and barbers.

This grant caught the eye of Danni Davis, owner of Nameste Hair and Nails located at 136 W. Main St., Newcomerstown. Davis has made many business advancements in the village over the past few years.

She originally started Nameste Hair and Nails on N. College Street in early 2020 and quickly outgrew the space. A year ago, she made the decision to expand the store to double its size and move to its current storefront on the high street.

It continues to add services and make improvements, but that means upgrades such as interior design, inventory, furnishings, and more. Davis was one of the lucky ones able to sustain and stay strong through the struggles of COVID. But to maintain its success, it knows that offering specialized services in an inviting and up-to-date atmosphere is a necessity.

As a businesswoman, Davis is always on the lookout for grants she is eligible for, not only to improve her business, but also to provide additional benefits and additional services to the community.

“Whenever I have free time in Nameste I look for grants that I qualify for as a high street business woman and any other category I fit into as a business owner “Davis said.

“It takes time, but it’s worth it. I recently applied for the American Express and American Main Street grant and found that I was eligible to potentially receive funds offered to beauty salons. The process was simple, as I completed the online application, uploaded photos of the business, and detailed my wish list if I received the money.

“There were guidelines to follow, such as being in a physical location, operating on an older main street – (not in a strip mall), employing fewer than 20 employees, being in business since January 1, 2021, and others. similar requirements.

“It only took me about 15 minutes to complete the submission. One area I was judged on was how the support grant would give back to our community, which was one of the main reasons why I applied for the grant.

“I want to continue to improve my business to meet the needs of Newcomerstown and surrounding areas. The committee found my presentation feasible and I received approval shortly thereafter. Also, the grant was much needed, but I am now eligible to receive training offered by Main Street America and so many other programs that the partnership between America Express and Main Street America has launched for their recipients

“Although the grant was not large enough to complete my entire wish list, I was able to purchase new flooring, furniture, inventory and other current needs. I have space extra in the store and I want to be able to use it in the best way for me, my colleagues and our customers.”

At Nameste Hair and Nails, Davis specializes in men’s and women’s cuts, as well as hair color, highlights and lowlights. Additionally, her portfolio includes extensions, braids, silk press, weave, twist hairstyles and more.

She received her training at the Regency Beauty Institute in Akron. Plus, there’s also a stylist who only braids, which frees up time for Davis to focus on other areas.

Nail technician Dakota Farley has worked at Nameste Hair and Nails since Davis opened in early 2020. He specializes in gels and acrylics and also offers pedicures. Farley received her training at the Spa School and the Ohio State School of Cosmetology at Heath.

A new nail technician will also join Nameste in the coming months, which means another nail station and additional nail clients for Nameste.

A graduate of the local Newcomerstown High School, Jada Duerson of Jada’s Make-up and Lashes continues to offer a myriad of lash services including classic, hybrid and voluminous lashes. She hopes to add even more services soon.

“Having so many great services under one roof makes me feel happy,” Davis said. “Nameste’s goal is for you to come in, sit back and relax. At Nameste, we want you to enjoy this beautiful space we have created for you, but I strive to offer even more .

“We have a little gem here, and there are so many more things I can do, but it takes grants, and I’m willing to put in the time to keep applying. I hope to keep making improvements to the inside and out I want my storefront to blend in with the historic ambience of Old Main Street.

“I love the paint color that Newcomerstown Library recently chose for the annex, and I want to go with colors that will accentuate that, and other historic colors that our main street businesses might choose at the moment. future, as we continue to revitalize the main center of the village.

“My future plans are to keep exploring grants, and I hope to receive more in the coming months. Most people consider applying for them a task, but I see this as an opportunity for something more for me and for others. It’s a win-win, and as a business owner, you’d be surprised at the grant opportunities you might come across for your business if you seek them. Whenever I can advancing my investment is a win for all.

Davis likes to stay active as part of Main Street and held several activities for children on June 11 as Newcomerstown Now held its first Second Saturday Main Street event. Join the Newcomerstown Now Facebook page to learn more about this group’s movement to revitalize Newcomerstown’s main street.

To book services with Nameste, visit their website at Nameste Hair, Nails & Supplies.


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