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NB is building an eco-friendly and safe hairdressing salon for people sensitive to synthetic products

SALISBURY, NB – Chantal Moreau-Short has been in the beauty industry as a hairstylist for over a decade.

Early in her career, she realized that the synthetic products often found in salons were causing her health problems.

“I put myself in a situation where I absolutely loved the job, but what I needed to work, the tools I needed to work with, made me sick,” explains Moreau-Short.

The stylist began to research and use more environmentally friendly hair products in her daily work. Meanwhile, his stepdaughter, Laci McCann, was diagnosed with leukemia. While receiving chemotherapy treatment, McCann turned to Moreau-Short in hopes of finding biologics that she could use safely and environmentally friendly.

Sadly, McCann lost his battle with cancer in 2013.

“Sometimes an illness in a loved one really makes you rethink your life choices and your directions, and that’s what Laci did for me,” explains Moreau-Short. “She gave me a direction to create a safe space for anyone who wanted to enter.”

With the memory of his daughter-in-law prompting him to explore more organic options, Moreau-Short decided to open his salon and called it My Green Scissors.

As my daughter-in-law’s illness progressed as she did and in the short time following her death, I made a pact that I would make sure to build a salon for those in need. a safe place to come and get your hair done.

The shelves in her boutique-style living room in the basement of her home in Upper Coverdale, New Brunswick are stocked with organic produce.

“I’m going to use a product that is 100% clean for the environment and for you. All the ingredients are food grade, they are edible. If you wanted to spray it on your skin and lick it off, so it’s safe to do so, not that you want to do that, ”says Moreau-Short.

Client Jackie Lloyd says that like many of her friends, she didn’t know much about the world of eco-friendly beauty.

“I haven’t really thought about other options other than the general public so it’s new territory for me that I didn’t know I needed,” said Lloyd.

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