Natural, curly hair salon opens in Philadelphia


A curly way of life

McCutcheon understands what her curls are going through because she’s been through her own hair transition as well. She started to relax her hair when she was in sixth grade.

“I felt like it was something I had to do because everyone in my family was doing it. And that’s what made your hair “manageable”. This is what made your hair “prettier”, she said.

As she got older, she realized that this was not the right choice for her hair, so she cut straighteners when she was in her last year of high school, but continued to straighten her hair. Then, in her early 20s, she had her first big chop and started at nine.

Since then, she’s played with different cuts and colors, but she’s kept the heat out of her routine for the past five years.

Tori McCutcheon, in her Head House Square living room, Tori Did That. (Kim Paynter / WHYY)

For people looking to start their natural curl journey, she recommends starting one step at a time, like she did.

“Start small,” she stressed. “Maybe change your shampoo, maybe do things like start a diet that makes you feel good, do things a little bit and then move on to the more important things.”

It’s also important to be honest with yourself and think about your lifestyle, according to McCutcheon. What is your daily life? What do you do for the job? And most importantly, what are you ready to commit to?

If in doubt, you can always schedule a consultation with a professional for personalized advice based on your hair and their specific needs.

McCutcheon has worked in salons for over a decade. She’s seen a lot of styles come and go, but she thinks the shift to curly hair is here to stay.

“I’m glad more people are really embracing him. I don’t think it’s a trend like some people thought, ”she said. “It really is a way of life and we learn to take care of ourselves in a more natural way.”


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