Memphis hairstylist gives hope to people with alopecia


“We’ve lost the education and anatomy of how to grow and help our clients maintain their hair as they age,” said Angela Brown, D’Serv Healthy Hair.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. “There’s not much a mirror can show. The best reflection of what people see is often based on how they feel.

“Beauty absolutely comes from within,” said Toiya Teal.

Teal shows her beauty through her hair.

“For most of my life, I’ve always had fine, thin hair,” Teal said. “One of the things that we really thought was hereditary was the lack of having sides.”

Teal suffered from traction alopecia, a form of hair loss that not only attacked her hair follicles but also her self-esteem.

Teal said she felt, “Sad, embarrassed, insecure. You call it… “I didn’t see my sides growing. What I really wanted was for those sides to come into play… It was to the point where nothing was working. I was about to go to the dermatologist to get some injections.

Instead, Teal discovered hair loss expert Angela Brown and her boutique, D’Serv Healthy Hair Care.

“There are many educational courses, but the most popular only teach you how to color, how to cut, and how to do male and female replacements,” Brown said. “We’ve lost the education and the anatomy of how to grow and how to help our clients maintain their hair as they age.”

Despite the shift in the industry, Brown is sticking to the roots and dealing with hair loss head-on.

“Alopecia attacks the scalp under the scalp and on the scalp. It can have an appearance. It can wipe out all your hair, then it goes into remission where it will restore it, but you never know when the dark day will come,” Brown said. “It can also form in a circle where the alopecia can look like patches all over your head. Then we have CCCA alopecia where it is attacked at the top of your crown. It’s due to stress. It is also due to chemicals. When traction alopecia occurs, it begins to break down around your temple area.

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Traction alopecia is often caused by pulling or tugging at the hair.

“Sometimes people just never get over it,” Brown said.

For those who can, Brown has developed a line of hair products to combat hair loss and created an approach to restoring healthy hair.

“Performance, application, coaching with consistency,” Brown said. “The mission was to bring back consciousness. I choose not to be around a lot of people because when it comes to hair loss, the shame is there, the embarrassment.

Hair loss due to alopecia not only affects women but also men.

“The issues I treated were developing into a full, thick beard. And the corners of my hair like that area in that area was starting to thin,” said Perry Brown, who has lost her hair. “For a lot of men it can get a bit embarrassing about it. Because it’s something that happens and it happens surprisingly, at a young age.

“There is hope and help for people who are hurting,” Brown said.

It’s a hope Teal and Perry now have after getting help from Brown and seeing their hair grow.

“I’m confident I can go out there and show what I’ve worked hard to receive,” Perry Brown said.

“I have sides now. I just want the world to see that I have sides,” Teal said. “It’s absolutely amazing. I feel so good, so good. It’s my hair, my sides, and I feel good. It’s almost teary eyed.

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We asked Teal, “How do you feel when you look in the mirror?”

“I’m beautiful. Since COVID I don’t wear makeup so I just put my lashes on, brush my hair and feel absolutely gorgeous,” Teal said.

It is a true reflection from the inside out.


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