Meet Andrea Samantha: A Former Hairstylist and Trauma Survivor


You cannot succeed overnight. For many, it is the result of years of struggle, hard work and unwavering dedication. Learning to overcome difficult obstacles is the only way to get closer to your destination.

Andrea Samantha is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of life. When facing a failed marriage couldn’t be more difficult, she took it upon herself to seek the light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing stopped Andrea, who put all his passion and determination to achieve his goals.

Growing up in Ohio in a conservative family, Andrea was well aware of the effort it takes to make a living and maintain a strong work ethic. “My mother stayed at home with me and my sister, and my father worked from 9 am to 5 pm. He taught us the work ethic and that nothing is given to us. We didn’t have the best relationship because I’m independent, and they were more traditional.

Young and talented, Andrea was ready to climb the ladder of success. Starting her career as a hairdresser, she knew she had to reach new heights. As his clientele grew, his interest in mapping new territories also increased. She quickly established her wedding hairstyle and makeup business, which opened up several avenues for her. One of them brought her into the world of direct sales at MONAT global, which completely changed the trajectory of her professional life.

There were only victories in store for Andrea when she joined MONAT. During her four years there, she successfully earned a million commissions, which earned her a high ranking in the company. Later, realizing that she wanted to expand her knowledge for the benefit of others, Andrea entered the field of coaching to guide young people to achieve their goals. As a private coach, she is currently training her team of thousands to become top sellers and uses her social media to promote her brand. She adds: “My goal is to have multiple sources of income, and that was to be able to have the financial and time freedom that I have now. ”

His concept of success is simple: don’t give up until you get there. Working at resolution, she believes, is an essential part of seeing your dreams come to life. “I have a business coach and a therapist who helped me overcome my trauma to work at my best. I protect my energy, I keep my circle tight, and I am very picky about the people I surround myself with.

So Andrea aims to help young people overcome the inner demons that usually hold them back.


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