Med City hairstylist launches her own barber shop for men


Jan. 25 – ROCHESTER – Like many people today, men’s hairstylist Adrienne Fisk is working from home these days.

In her case, that means launching her own at-home salon called A&C Men’s Grooming this week. The A and C in the name refer to Adrienne and her daughter, Cecilia.

Fisk, who specialized in men’s grooming for the last 13 years of her 21-year career, offers a full range of men’s services, including haircuts, face and head razor shaves, beard trimming and waxing. His clients

schedule appointments via their website


Why start your own place, after so many years of working for others?

“I think that’s kind of the goal of most people doing their hair…I was just ready to be on my own and…be self-sufficient and self-sufficient,” she said. . “As I’m learning, owning your own business takes a lot of work, but it’s so worth it.”

Running a sole proprietorship means all the work is on your shoulders, but it also provides flexibility that isn’t always possible when working for others.

“Now I can work on my free time, which is good. Especially after the past two years, I think people are realizing how important time spent with family and friends is,” she said. added.

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