Master hairstylist on a mission to help beauty industry professionals take their business to the next level


Entrepreneur, Certified Cosmetology Trainer, Master Hairstylist and Coach, Feva Daniels Announces Jumpstart CEO Signature Program

The pandemic has been disadvantageous for businesses around the world. The beauty and salon industry, among countless small businesses, has suffered greatly. Many people have struggled, trying to figure out how to support their business. St. Louis-based salon owner and 20-year industry veteran, Feva Daniels took this time to pivot and created an opportunity to expand its business offerings. By changing things up and expanding his services, his business not only survived, but thrived during the pandemic.

The pandemic has been filled with moments of clarification. Ms. Feva learned so much about herself and that she had a bigger purpose. This goal was to help others in his industry grow. She has designed a new program that will help licensed hairstylists unlock the beauty boss within them and take their business to the next level.

The program, Startup CEO, will educate other hairstylists on how to build customer loyalty. educate clients on hair care, consultation scheduling, business tools and more. We all know that the beauty industry is an ever-changing landscape that keeps expanding. Ms. Feva trains licensed stylists in the latest techniques, helps them establish necessary licenses, create a retirement plan and maximize their earning potential. and change their mindset to win, win, win!

“I’m on a mission to coach a hundred stylists this year 2022 to rise in the beauty business and become Beauty Boss. Being a beauty boss means we don’t make excuses about our priorities. We plan. We are organized. We know our worth. We impact the lives of others with our sheer excellence. We expect more because we give more. We are not only in the business of beauty, we are fabulous. We are always ready. We are patrons of beauty. Said Mrs. Feva

Feva is the founder of the Hair Relics brand, owner and operator of Hair Relics Salon and Hair Relics Advanced, which is an academy for licensed professionals to undergo advanced training. Additionally, she has Hair Relics Advanced Junior, designed for young people looking for a future in cosmetology. Young students learn the business, run a salon, teach braiding techniques and prepare for their braider license.

Beauty industry professionals are excited about the Jumpstart CEO Signature Program. Ms. Feva is a highly respected entrepreneur and known for her styling skills. Her work has been featured in hair shows, fashion shows, and popular music videos! The Jumpstart CEO program is a robust training system in which you will leave Beauty Boss. When you’re in an industry that changes overnight, you’re bound to Boss Up! It takes practice, knowledge and skill. Ms. Feva believes you can always take your business to the next level. “We are taught from an early age that practice makes perfect. Practice does not make perfect, practice makes better. You can always do your best. Ask me how I know, I live it.

Ms. Feva encourages any professional in the beauty industry, feeling stagnant in their business, to book a consultation. Judging by the rave reviews, it doesn’t seem to disappoint.

About Feva Daniels

Geneca Daniels (also known as Mrs. Feva) is an entrepreneur, Certified Cosmetology Instructor, Master Hairstylist, and owner of the Hair Relics brand. With over 20 years of experience as a hairstylist in the St. Louis area, her talents have led her to become a leader in her field and mentor some of the best in the hairstyling industry. Her work has been featured in hair shows, fashion shows, and even popular music videos.

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