“Make a Difference Monday” fundraiser for local hair salons for cancer


MARTIANS FERRY, OHIO (WTRF) Cloud 9 Salon and Spa at Martians Ferry has dedicated one day off per year to fundraising for those battling cancer.

Instead of taking their usual Monday break, the show remains open on October 11, and all proceeds go to help community members. In addition to their services, the show will also raffle baskets.

Jaime Green, hairstylist and makeup artist at Cloud 9, says the idea was created after working with a client who is a cancer survivor.

I had a person who had cancer and I gave her a makeover because she was done with the treatment, and she just wanted to feel good. So we did, and she sent me a thank you card saying how well it made her day.

Jaime Green, hairstylist and makeup artist at Cloud 9

It’s just amazing that we can donate our God given talent and really share a little piece of ourselves with everyone. We all give six hours of time, and whatever we collect in that six hours, we give to somebody here in the Ohio Valley with cancer.

Bridgette Hardy, owner of Cloud 9

Green says this experience has turned into “Make a Difference Monday” where they can offer their skills and help others.

If you are interested in participating, you can visit their website to find out how to donate or get involved.


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