Los Angeles’ next great hairstylist, Jason Hermiz


Hairstylist Jason Hermiz. Photo courtesy of Jason Hermiz/Thomas Herd

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Beauty standards are getting higher every day, but arguably no city is more drawn to beauty than Los Angeles. One of the most remarkable things about a person is their hairstyle, and finding the right hairdresser comes down to trust and reputation. Los Angeles is known for its incredible hairdressers and it can be difficult to break into a very saturated market.

Hairstylist Jason Hermiz began his journey doing apprenticeships in New York, Chicago and Toronto, and has made his mark in Los Angeles over the past eight years. With over 17 years of experience, Hermiz is now one of the main stylists at the Martinez-Samuel salon in West Hollywood. Although Hermiz works with some of the biggest celebrities and artists in town, he remains humble and focused with a genuine love for his work.

“In my early twenties, I knew I had to figure out my career path. I was struggling and had no money,” Hermiz said. He said he realized how much he loved the vibe and energy of a hair salon, so he decided to take an apprenticeship to learn the trade. Now his specialty is doing feminine blonde, Balayage, highlights and men’s haircuts. “Blonde and men’s haircuts are my favorites,” he said.

One of Hermiz’s favorite parts of being a hairstylist is creativity. As for his goals for the future, he hopes to expand his clientele and his business. He would like to eventually have his own living room, where he could create a space for customers to relax where there is no pretentious feeling. The key to a successful career is to be passionate about the work and never give up.

“As I really put my heart into it, I really developed a passion for it,” Hermiz said. “If you really love your hair, stick with it and it will happen, but you have to really want it and rush for it.”

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