Long-lasting luxury beauty and style essentials for fur babies this Christmas


Our fur babies are as much a part of the holiday festivities as those around the dinner table. For animal lovers, it is not uncommon for them to dress their furry children in the requisite knits and reindeer hats for the season. Their photo albums are also very likely to contain over a hundred photos and videos of their beloved dogs or cats, meticulously organized and archived based on milestones. And because pets are arguably the most beloved member of the family, they too deserve the same level of beauty care during the holiday season.

As a proud and often obsessive furry parent of two powerful and determined Belgian Shepherds, dressing my furry children in adorable scarves, hats or sweaters is not an option. I once tried wrapping a knitted scarf around Whiskey, a four-year-old Malinois, to tear it up in seconds. Coco, my young canine female, shares the same aversion to pet clothing. She sees them primarily as chewable stuffed animals.

Instead of turning Whiskey and Coco into K9 versions of Santa’s reindeer, they’re treated with luxurious grooming and beauty treatments. My dogs love taking baths to the point that one can even be jealous if the other takes the shower first. While most furry parents complain that their pets resist combing sessions or groomers, my dogs relish the bonding moments spent making their manes extra shiny and tangle-free.

The ultimate beauty indulgence for pets

PRIDE AND MARRIED is the first dog grooming concept to be launched under a beauty platform. Its clean, long-lasting formulas are made in legitimate beauty and perfume houses. The idea behind the Pride and Groom product was “to bring the same level of luxury in beauty and skin care as we humans do.” And that’s what they’ve managed to achieve with a wide range of remarkable shampoos, conditioners, wipes, and even fragrances, each one tailored to your dog’s needs. The team adds: “The products contain all-natural ingredients specially designed for the skin and coat of dogs…

Whiskey, a Belgian Malinois with short hair who needs very little to get to the groomer, uses a specific formula for “non-shedders”. During the seasons when his skin is prone to peeling and irritation, he responds well to The Sensitive One baths. It’s been a while since we’ve had any issues with her skin, and the addition of the final aromatic conditioner has kept her coat shiny and always Instagram-ready.

Belgian Tervuerens like Coco tend to lose more, especially over the seasons. As long-haired dogs, they require frequent brushing and extra care to keep them clean. The Shedder was a paradise sent over the past few months, helping us better cope with its loss. On days when she goes to visit her trainer, vet, or play at the dog park, she receives a nice spray of bergamot, citrus, and ylang ylang in a bottle of Proud The Scent. And you can tell by the way she struts it does wonders for her confidence.

Sewing for dogs

Road trips with the dogs mean they dress in the most comfortable harnesses and collars as well. Since clothing isn’t an option for these 50-pound babies, they expressed a preference for ultra-luxurious pet fashion accessories, PADDLE. The brand’s pieces are designed with the idea that our dogs are extensions of ourselves. Following the artisan traditions honored by time, harnesses, collars and leashes in fine leather are made with the same attention to detail as an iconic handbag. After all, when we walk our dogs, we basically go out with the intention of showing the world how remarkable they are.

The Babbi harness, inspired by handmade horse saddles, brings warmth and a cheerful smile to Whiskey’s face. It’s the only accessory he really cherishes. In addition to being ultra comfortable, its shape and quilted padding allow it to jump, run and yes, gallop with absolute ease. As a proud parent, I love the way Babbi showcases her strong, muscular figure while complementing her shiny brown hair.

Coco’s dashing and playful nature pairs perfectly with the Dorro collar she wears. It is a wonderful accessory that is easy to wear even on the most fiery animals. Adjustable buckles and a stylish twist lock allow you to put on the necklace with a simple twist. I love the way it sits on Coco’s neck, without ruining her long, fluffy mane that looks like a wolf’s mane. While generally opposed to having their photo taken, Coco is more than happy to strike a pose while she’s in her pagerie.

Capture precious K9 moments

The moments when dogs are perfectly groomed and dressed like new deserve to be immortalized. I recently placed my order for a WEST AND WILLOW personalized portrait of Whiskey and Coco, which captures their personality, energy and beauty. It is a work of art that adds to the warm and fuzzy feeling of being a furry relative. With Coco and Whiskey now awaiting their first litter of puppies, the portrait is compared to precious wedding photos that tell how mom and dad fell in love.

The New York-based pet portrait company also recently launched its line of vegan leather pet accessories. Sustainably crafted necklaces in blush and indigo tones will soon become welcome additions to the Whiskey and Coco style repertoire. As soon as first-time mum Coco isn’t due until mid-February, I’m already planning another portrait of their kids and their own sets of vegan leather collars with matching leashes.



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