Local hairdresser welcomes announcement of reopening but says “stop sucks”



The owner of a downtown Windsor hair salon says he’s been through hell and returned but is set to reopen next week.

Antoine Greige is the owner of the Antoine Greige Salon and Spa on rue Goyeau between rue Wyandotte Est and rue Tuscarora.

He says the shutdown over the past two months has been more than difficult, adding that it has impacted his business as well as his staff and customers.

“What I’ve heard from a lot of clients, friends, people, whatever, I don’t know what they have against hairdressers, they won’t let us open,” says Greige. “We could go to a bank, deal with them, they can’t come and see us and deal with us. I don’t understand that, but it’s good news that we are opening and I hope God won’t close anymore. never. “

He says the shutdown for the past two months has been difficult.

“We still have our bills, our taxes, our insurance and we can’t pay them,” said Greige. “So that sucks for a lot of us, not just hairdressers, a lot of others too.”

Ontario will enter 2nd step of its plan to reopen on June 30, a few days earlier than expected.

As part of step 2, non-essential stores inside shopping malls can reopen with restrictions, the number of people allowed to sit at a table on a restaurant terrace increased from four to six and outdoor social gatherings can accommodate up to 25 people.



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