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Local barber gives back and offers sliding scale haircuts to those in need

Local barber gives back and offers sliding scale haircuts to those in need

MADISON (WKOW) – Just in time for the holiday season, a local barber gives back to the community by donating scalable haircuts to those in need.

Leah Ershler owns “Mint” on the east side of Madison. The show prides itself on inclusiveness for all, despite the track record.

“I love being able to create a safe and inclusive space for people,” Ershler said. “A lot of my clients are queer. I’m queer myself, I’m not binary. So it’s good to have a space where people can feel seen and assertive.”

This year Ershler saw that another salon offered haircuts on a sliding scale, so people could afford what they could afford. They liked the idea and decided to bring the practice to Madison.

Kristin Ashman is one of Ershler’s clients and said she wasn’t at all surprised to hear the stylist give back.

“They are super inclusive,” Ashman said. “I feel like it’s something that I really enjoy seeing them as a stylist is that they’re open to everyone. They make a point of including all genres. , all types of people. “

Ershler said everyone is welcome to the salon and they will continue to do haircuts on a sliding scale long after the holidays. The move garnered attention online and inspired other Madison-area stylists to follow suit.

“It’s pretty good, I mean, yeah, I got the idea for other places, but I don’t think a lot of places were considering doing it,” Ershler said. “So it makes me happy that other stylists are considering doing it.”


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