Local hair salon launches food drive – Winchester Sun


If you work as a hairstylist, the last thought on many people’s minds would be canned goods.

However, anxious to help the needy, Jordan Ervin did not hesitate.

In an effort to help others, Ervin will be collecting canned goods from his business along Maple Street until August 7, with donations to the Beacon of Hope emergency shelter.

“It’s about investing in your city and the people of your city,” said Ervin, owner of Cutz by Cash. “I’m very big on karma. You get what you give in the world.

Ervin, who previously co-founded his own charity group called Include You Productions, has long sought philanthropic endeavors, and Beacon of Hope used it when he first moved to Kentucky.

“They are near and dear to my heart,” he adds. “I just wanted to start a tin drive…I know that, especially in the summer, the kids don’t go to school and stuff like that. I wanted to help where I lived.

While not a primary driving force behind Ervin’s decision-making, a side benefit is that it helps provide exceptional customer service.

For every two cans brought in to support Beacon of Hope, customers get $1 off their services — which can include manicures and pedicures, facials and conditioning treatments.

Although canned foods such as soups are always welcome, there are a number of additional options that come to mind. Among them, those with “pop tops” that are user-friendly and do not require a can opener come to mind. Additional foods needed include ravioli, beans, and tuna.

“A lot of times I feel like when I do canned food drives there’s a surplus of chicken, noodles and tomato soup,” Ervin said. “That’s wonderful…[But] it’s just something to warm your belly. I want a sandwich or something to go with that.

For Ervin, the event almost happened by accident.

“It’s just one of those ideas that pops into your head at night,” he said.


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