Local artist opens new hair salon in Alexandria



Samantha Lackney is the founder, owner and sole stylist of The Rare Bird Salon. (Photo Élisabeth Miller)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Local artist and hairdresser, Samantha Lackney, has just opened its own salon. The rare bird, located at 301 Hooff’s Run Dr., is a cozy living room suite, with a few chairs, a shampoo sink, delicate houseplants, and an overall artistic vibe.

For Samantha, it was an idea she had been “stirring” for years. “My mentors all said, ‘I see you one day opening a salon and being a leader in that capacity and a mentor yourself in that way. .

“She had cancer,” Samantha says, “and one day she came home to find me playing with her wigs. We spent the whole afternoon on her balcony playing with the hair, cutting that wig, and she said to my parents, ‘Your daughter will be a hairdresser someday.’ And just like her mentors, Samantha’s grandmother was right.

Samantha became a licensed cosmetologist in high school, in order to avoid the final math credit. But for her, this journey went beyond the simple achievement of an academic credit. She says: “The reason I chose to make it my career was that there was a time when I realized you don’t just cut your hair. I really help someone choose their identity and build on the identity they want to see in themselves when they look at themselves in the mirror.

The Rare Bird is equipped with 2 lounge chairs, a shampoo sink and a comfortable seating area. (Photo Élisabeth Miller)

A lover of cutting all types of hair and creating all types of styles, Samantha has perfected her individualized approach to cosmetology. She really enjoys creating styles that match the individual, looking at the person in front of her and creating a look that will highlight her distinct beauty.

With an artistic eye, Samantha sees cuts that highlight high cheekbones or a color that complements shiny eyes. “I’m so excited to let you see what I see when I look at you, to give you confidence,” she said. Just as she strives to instill confidence in her clients, Samantha had to find the self-confidence to open The Rare Bird.

She explains: “2021 has been a good year for a lot of my friends. A friend said, “The longer you wait, the less likely this is to happen. The only thing that keeps anyone from being successful is their own fear of being successful. At such times, you have to take the plunge. You are going to get caught, you just have to trust the process.

Previously stylist at Stylist NorthSamantha had another wonderful mentor from the owner and a support system from the stylists. “They gave me a lot of courage to jump into mine,” Samantha says. And so, with the support of her family and friends, and the blessing of her colleagues, Samantha took the plunge and trusted her own process.

Now as the sole owner, founder and stylist of The Rare Bird, Samantha hopes to bring a narrow scope to education in her workplace, teaching other hairdressers in the community and becoming a hub for clients.

“One of the things I think about when looking for a hairdresser,” says Samantha, “is that I want to feel empowered and to feel that I am being given the knowledge of what’s going on, what to do and why. . I want to share this with everyone who walks through my door.

The Rare Bird Salon, 301 Hooff’s Run Dr, Unit D, Suite 17, Alexandria, VA, 22314 (Photo Elizabeth Miller)

Samantha is always welcoming new clients and will start hiring new stylists in the years to come.

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