Linlithgow hairstylist refuses to let health condition cut off career path


Linlithgow hairdresser Rachel Mcwhirter and her friend Craig.

Rachel Mcwhirter (28) recently became self-employed after 13 years in the hairdressing industry and now works three days a week in her friend’s hair salon.

Rachel had previously worked with FI Hair owner Craig Johnston and is delighted to have teamed up with him again at the Linlithgow High Street salon.

She said, “I have decided to go my own way after more than 10 years of suffering from endometriosis, which is a lifelong chronic disease that massively affects my life and the lives of millions of others.” I have become independent. , working in my friend’s living room. Our friendship began eight years ago at First Impressions – a long-standing business on Main Street.

Linlithgow hairdresser Rachel Mcwhirter.

“I was a hairdresser and Craig the Saturday boy. We quickly became great friends and went out together.

“After two years I decided to leave the salon to gain more color experience and ended up becoming a manager. Craig then ended up buying the salon and renaming it to FI hair which he has since owned. four and a half years. years. “

Rachel explained in more detail how suffering from endometriosis impacted her professional life and revealed her determination not to let it stop her from doing her dream job.

She said: “It’s more common than people think. You feel sick, tired and it really makes you look pregnant!

Craig and Rachel.

“It’s a pretty complex disease to be honest. It’s chronic, you can’t get rid of it. I had surgery to improve it a bit, but usually in a year you are back to this. that you were. That’s pretty bad.

“I wanted to find a balance to enjoy my life again. So I decided to become self-employed to have a more flexible work schedule, as years of full-time work had taken their toll.

“I love my job and saw the opportunity to stick with what I love while still allowing my body to rest without giving up a career that I love.

“I only need to work three days as a freelance to compensate for what I did five days as an employee.

“And with 13 years of experience, it wasn’t any more complicated! It was the perfect time as Craig was looking for a new stylist. It all fell into place so quickly.”


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