Limerick hairstylist “takes a stand” and says he will return to salon for “essential” haircuts for clients’ mental health



AN IRISH hairdresser has decided to “take a stand” and return to his salon for some “must have” haircuts next week.

Limerick salon owner Niall Coglan has said he won’t be reopening his salon, but will return to make some cuts for clients who need them for their mental health.


Under level 5 restrictions, personal services such as hair salons cannot openCredit: Alamy
Stylist Niall Coglan says he needs to help some clients with essential services


Stylist Niall Coglan says he needs to help some clients with essential servicesCredit: Instagram – NiallCoglanCoiffure

Speaking to social media, Niall shared his frustration with the severe restrictions in the current third lockdown and said “someone has to take a stand.”

Niall said he would offer haircuts to some of his clients, one who has had chemotherapy and the other who suffers from trichotillomania – an obsessive and compulsive hair pulling disorder.

The stylist said he would not charge for the cuts and would use every precaution possible.

With the closure of salons across the country, Niall claimed many people have turned to a burgeoning “underground economy” of hairdressers, operating outside of Covid-19 restrictions.


Niall said: “I’ve been thinking a lot this week about some things and, it’s lockdown number three and although we religiously stick to every directive given to us from March 2020 until today, I believe. firmly that we are in a situation now that someone has to take a stand. “

Niall continued, “I have clients who are on post-chemotherapy, their hair is completely out of control, and their sanity after everything they’ve been through with the disease and the lockdown and not being able to see people, etc. and so on.

“They really, really want to have their hair cut. They know how safe the environment will be.

“We’re going to be masked. We’re going to have everything we had in place after the last two lockups and they really, really need a haircut.


“And they don’t want to go to hairstylists in the underground economy and they want me to cut their hair and I’m going to do it this week.”

He continued, “And I have another client and she has trichotillomania and if I don’t cut her hair, she’s going to pull it out and it’s going to make her mental health and anxiety issues worse. or she takes the clipper and shaves her hair. “

Niall said he considers these services essential and they are due to take place imminently.

He said: “So denounce me or jail me or arrest me or whatever you want to do, but there are in some cases hairstyling services which are what we deem essential and they have to take place and they must take place now.

“This week I’m going to break the rules and go to my salon and do some haircuts.

“But it will only be two people in the living room at the time. I will ask people to come with their hair washed beforehand so that we don’t have to wash it. I will just cut their hair and I will not blow. – dry it in the living room.

“Every precaution will be taken.”



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