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Leicester’s new eco-friendly hair salon to plant a tree for every customer visit to offset the energy used

A group of hairdressers who say they are synonymous with mindful living are opening a salon in Leicester.

Focusing on ethical and sustainable practices, Butchers Salon opens its first branch outside London at Stoneygate.

Founded by Susannah Ricardson and Katie Knox in Hackney in 2014, Butchers has since expanded to three locations in London, with Leicester becoming the group’s fourth salon.

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Butchers Leicester will be owned by Butchers stylist Lisa Jane Massey, who has worked for the group for four years.

Lisa has 22 years of hairdressing experience and says she is thrilled to contribute to the continued growth of Butchers, recruiting and training like-minded stylists in Leicester who share the same philosophy as Butchers, to bring change in the ‘industry.

According to the Butchers Salon Group, he is aware that the hairdressing industry has an environmental mismatch, so the expansion in Leicester continues its journey to be at the forefront of ethical hairstyling.

In the new living room

From a green team leader on the salon floor, working with local independent Leicester businesses, to decorating and the Aveda products used, Butchers Salon is on a mission to evolve the hairdressing industry into a more space. environmentally friendly and conscious.

Taking daily steps to reduce waste and improve its carbon footprint, Butchers Leicester will work with Green Salon Collective and First Mile on all recycling, including hair, foil and chemicals, to ensure that less harmful waste is returned to the environment.

Butchers Leicester even partnered with Tree Sisters Official, planting a tree for each customer visit to offset the energy used during the meeting, with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2023.

Butchers Leicester will offer a selection of beauty treatments available by reservation from the local beautician, Sam’s Beauty Den, who will arrange appointments in the Butchers Leicester Beauty Salon.

Sam’s Beauty Den will offer holistic facials and therapeutic massages, in addition to eyelash and brow care, waxing and gel nails.

A spokesperson for Butchers said: “Every visit to Butchers is an experience. With a philosophy to enhance confidence and well-being, every guest is warmly welcomed – Butchers prides itself on being a gender-neutral salon with non-sexist prices.

“Each appointment is accompanied by an aromatherapy experience from partner Aveda salon and herbal refreshments to savor.

The show is scheduled to open at Allandale Road in September.

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