It’s official – Hawick’s Rhianne Miller is the best hairdresser in the area



Rhianne Miller, stylist at Melrose. (Photo: BILL McBURNIE)

Rhianne Miller, 25, won the award for ‘Best Hairdresser’ at the Scottish Business Awards, held recently at the Philipburn Hotel in Selkirk.

This was quite a feat as the Jedburgh-born stylist, who works as a freelance stylist at Wilson’s in Melrose, is not too keen on the career she has chosen.

Rhianne enjoyed a hospitality stay at Capon Tree in Jedburgh and also helped run The Oak Lounge – now The Gretel – in Hawick for a time.

But it was still his long-term intention to plow his hair cutting and styling craft.

She said: “I actually had no idea what I wanted to do when I left Jed Grammar and in a strange turn of events I left my job in an office and went to the Borders. College to see what classes they had available and the next week I signed up for the hairdressing class and it was the best thing I ever did.

“I was nominated for this award along with other Borders hairstylists and you were asked to share a link on your social networks where your clients could vote for you. I also had a phone interview with the Scottish Business Awards and then they sent a secret client into the salon who made an appointment and got full service so they got to see what you look like as a person and as a stylist.

“I’m a talker. I think that’s always a good sign for a barber. I still think you might be 90% a good barber, but you are never 100% unless you are a hairstylist. gossipy.

“I do my job because I like people to feel good about themselves, especially when we came back to work after the lockdown. It was a great sense of pride to see people leaving the living room with such smiles. happy on the face because they feel and look good and you helped them with that.

Rhianne added, “I now work full time and have over 150 clients. I worked very hard, especially since we were confined. I am very happy where I am right now. I love working at Melrose and they are a great team at Wilson. It is a very well established show.



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