Irish hairdresser says ‘stop me’ as he reopens for ‘essential services’


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An Irish hairdresser said he would “accept the consequences” as he reopens today for “essential services”.

Niall Colgan from Niall Colgan Hairstyle in Limerick took to social media last night saying he will be returning to the salon this week to “take a stand” for clients he says need “essential” haircuts.

Posting a video on his Instagram, Niall wrote, “Stop me. I’m heading back to the salon for essentials this week… please share if you’re okay with that.

“Ps. I won’t charge because I’m not looking to profit from my decision … unlike ALL hairdressers working in the underground economy. I’m afraid I have to take a stand.

“I have a number of clients who need my services at this point. I consider these to be essential. I’m going to cut my hair this week. I will ensure absolute security for this very small number of clients.

“I’m not anti-containment. I’m not anti-vaccine. I just know when something is essential.”

Speaking about his decision to reopen his salon today, Mr Colgan said: “But here is a message for Leo Varadkar, Micheál Martin and Simon Harris and Stephen Donnelly and anyone else who can listen.”

“I’m going back to the salon this week to do some haircuts on clients that I think are essential.

“I have clients who are post chemotherapy that their hair is completely out of control and that for their sanity after everything they have been through with the disease and the lockdown and not being able to see the people they want. really have their haircut, they know how safe the environment will be.

Hair salons have been closed under current Covid-19 restrictions since last December.

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