International men’s day 2021: winter essentials to keep men stylish in cold weather


The men in our lives deserve to be celebrated today on International Men’s Day. Essentially, the day is a global movement that commemorates men and highlights the “positive value” they “bring to the world, their families and their communities”.

According to, the day intends to “raise awareness of the well-being of men”. He explains that one of the six pillars of the day is “to improve gender relations and promote gender equality, not only for men, but also for women”.

The theme for 2021 is “Better relations between men and women”.

For the proper functioning of society, it is important that the sexes understand each other and work in tandem to create harmony. They must become allies and support each other, to find solutions to many existing problems.

In order to make the day special for the man in your life, here are some tips on how you can enhance his wardrobe and give him a stylish makeover. Shivam Soni, Founder and CEO, Beyoung Folks Private Limited shares a few must-haves for them, especially if they’re considering venturing into a very cold place.

* Sweatshirts

This is the sweatshirt that will give them the cool and dope look. From cardigans to round neck hems, wool to fleece, sweaters and sweatshirts can simply be the savior of winter. It will be their travel partner. And they can explore unique color options too – from tortilla brown to ultra chic moss green.

* Hoodies

Hoodies are men’s favorite. They don’t need a reason or an occasion to travel to release the hoodies. All it takes is for the clothes to have exquisite prints and patterns.

* Down jackets

Winter jackets are incredibly durable and with a style that portrays the awesomeness of the down jacket. Whether it’s a mountaineer or a cyclist, you can simply reign in this outfit. You can go for many amazing colors. Choose the most contemporary option depending on the pants.

* Coats

(Photo: Varinder Chawla)

This garment is not only for the traveler, but also for the one who likes to look dapper. The men look suave with well-groomed hair, long coats, and a muffler. It’s a must-have for fireside evenings, bonfires, and nighttime travel.

* Flannel shirts

Clothes that can never go wrong in any weather. Thin and compactly woven, a flannel shirt is the perfect garment for windy weather. Its check pattern goes well with a casual outfit. Checks can also pair with other winter outfits.

* Long sleeve t-shirts

Long sleeve t-shirts are the perfect winter escape. This can be your travel look, which you can pull off effortlessly. Also, whether it is trekking pants, cargo pants or shorts, the t-shirt goes with all types of socks.

“Don’t forget the hats, gloves and mufflers – these are trendy accessories for the winter season. Clean hairstyles and high updos are perfect for the travel look, ”concludes Soni.

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