Inactive Hairdressers Funky and Fresh Win T&A Best Hair Salon Award



AN IDLE hairdressers won the T&A award for best hairdressing salon.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said owner Rachel Crowther. “If you think about how many shows there are in Bradford and we’re number one, that’s a great achievement.

“We didn’t know we were nominated when we found out we were in the top 20.”

Rachel thanked her loyal customers, whom she has accumulated over the past 28 years, for helping them win.

“I have over 1,000 clients and people come from all over to get their hair done.

“We have people who come from as far away as York and Newcastle and we even have one of our clients, who now lives in France, comes to us when she was visiting her home. She won’t let anyone else touch her. her hair .”

Loyal customer Natalie White, who has traveled from East Bowling for the past four years, said, “I love their hospitality. There is always a good conversation.”

Rachel spent 28 years of her life in hairdressing.

“I started working as a Saturday girl in a salon in Shipley when I was 14. It’s in my blood and my mom owned a hairdressing school.”

Rachel learned the trade from her mother and she now has two daughters, Jess and Hannah, who work for her at Funky and Fresh Hair.

Jess Murgatroyd, who is a stylist, said: “It’s just exciting. We work hard, so it’s nice to have a little appreciation.”

Funky and Fresh Hair has been in Idle for 11 years, seven of them in their current building on The Green.

“In containment, we did everything,” Rachel said. “We were able to have a complete overhaul because of the containment.

“It took us six weeks to do it. Normally we don’t have that kind of time because we’re too busy.”

When the Covid rules were relaxed in July 2020, Rachel explained: “We had hundreds of people who wanted to have their hair done. We were working 18 hours a day from 6 a.m. to midnight. Things were just starting to s. ‘install and then entered another lockdown in November. ”

In addition to Funky and Fresh Hair, the shortlisted finalists were The Lounge, Silsden; Lacquer, Bingley; Seymours Cutting Room, Low Moor; Avenue Boutique Coiffure & Beauté, Eldwick; Coden, Crossroads, Airhead, Bingley Hair and Beauty Technicians; and Halo Hairdressing, Baildon.

Also shortlisted are Mario’s, Chantelle Louise Hair Salon, Hairitage Hair Salon, Hair by Jo, Beau Hair & Beauty Specialists, Blues Hair Workshop, all from Bradford; Creative hairdressing studio, Saltaire; Trinity Hair Studio, Shipley; Toni RB Hair Design and Faye Louise Hair Salon in Eccleshill; Liberty Lounge, Keighley; and Maison de Smith Salon, Scholes.



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