I’m a Hairstylist – The Most Annoying Things Clients Do Every Day and Why We Hate You Talking While Blow-Drying


WHILE many of us love our jobs, most professions have at least a few scarecrows.

And a hairdresser, from the United States, started ICT Tac to reveal his.


Hairdresser Shannon, who is from the United States, listed all the things she hates about her profession. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Alamy
Among the things that offend him the most are customers who look up in the shampoo bowl and those who talk during a blow-dry.


Among the things that offend him the most are customers who look up in the shampoo bowl and those who talk during a blow-dry.Credit: Tiktok/@styledbyshannon

In a short clip shared on social media, Shannon listed all the things she “hates” about her job.

Among the events that offend him the most are customers raising their heads in the shampoo bowl and those talking during a blow-dry.

She also notes that “unrealistic expectations” are another negative aspect of her job.

Continuing to vent, Shannon goes on to list toxic salon environments and stylists who hate other stylists as a big no-no for her, as well as hairstylists who do what they want instead of what the client wants. .

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The post has since been viewed more than 77,000 times and inundated with comments from hairstylists and clients.

And it turns out that many of her social media followers had a lot to say about it, too.


“My hairdresser is always talking to me while blow drying and I can’t hear a thing I feel so bad,” one wrote.

A second writes:Unless the client lets the stylist do what he wants, do what the client wants.

Another commented: “I look up when my stylist puts the lowest part of my hair in the back so she doesn’t have to support the weight of my head, she always thanked me.”

In response, one person from the industry wrote, “We are always taught to tell people not to lift their heads because water can run down their backs that way.”

Elsewhere, a hairstylist recalled, “Another stylist literally took me a keen client lmfao. She said I’ll put it in the shampoo bowl to help you… did all the color.

Shannon sympathized: “I’m so sorry this happened to you. When I was younger, I had a stylist who did the same thing to me.

It was on my books and she took all the service away from me.


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