I’m a hairstylist, how to make your curls last for 48 hours – and it only costs 99p


A HAIR expert has revealed her top tip for keeping your curls in place for two days – using a cheap product you probably already own.

Yana Udaltsova, who runs the popular hair-hacking TikTok account @yanaudaltsovaposted a video showing how she secures her locks with mousse, before curling with a Dyson Airwrap.


A hair expert showed how to hold your curls for two daysCredit: Tik Tok/ yanaudaltsova

Yana describes the method as “literally a GAMECHANGER” and explains: “You finally learned how to use hair mousse before curling with Dyson Airwrap and your curls last 48 hours. »

She then demonstrates the simple method which uses hair mousse, which you can buy for as little as 99p,

She starts by squirting a generous amount of foam into her hand as she prepares to do her hair.

Next, Yana applies it generously to her hair, focusing especially on the mid-lengths to the ends.

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However, Yana then works on her roots, telling her followers, “Make sure you use lots of it EVERYWHERE.”

Then she takes her curling iron and starts working on each section of her hair until it’s fully styled.

Once both sides and the back are curled, she sprays her hair with a strong hairspray, as an added protection over the mousse she has already applied.

Then she ends up with salon-style hair that she says will stay on for two days and still look fresh.

When one of her followers said he should try the mousse method for himself, Yana replied, “It literally makes mine stick around for so long!!”

She also offered another top tip, saying the process should be done on dry hair.

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Yana wrote, “Make sure you apply it to dry hair and let it dry before curling.

“You won’t even notice he’s in there, but it makes a huge difference.”

Be sure to apply a generous amount of mousse all over your hair


Be sure to apply a generous amount of mousse all over your hairCredit: Tik Tok/ yanaudaltsova
It will leave you with long lasting salon style curls


It will leave you with long lasting salon style curlsCredit: Tik Tok/ yanaudaltsova

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