I work in a hair salon


MANY women are counting down the days until their appointment with the hairdressers.

But before your visit to the salon, there are several things you could do to make things easier for you and your stylist.


Preparations for your hair appointment should begin approximately two weeks prior to your salon dateCredit: Alamy

Tom Smith, hairstylist and international creative color director at Evo Hair, explained that preparations should start a fortnight before your appointment date, but only if you’re using purple toners or shampoo.

“Two weeks before your appointment, stop toning your hair at home,” he told Glamourmagazine.co.uk.

“Purple shampoo or homemade color-enhancing toners are fantastic for keeping your color salon fresh, but let them wash out a bit before you see your stylist so they can have a clear view of where to go. find your hair without them.”

When there are only seven days left until your appointment, use Olaplex Treatment #3.

“It’s a great way to improve the quality of your hair before your appointment,” Tom said.

“The healthier the hair, the more options we’ll have with your color plan and the less we’ll have to cut.”

Plus, it’s worth detoxifying your hair before your appointment, using a cleansing shampoo or demineralizer.

Color Wow’s Dream Filter is a good choice to try.

Tom also set the record straight on what your hair should look like when you go to your appointment, insisting that stylists prefer to work with freshly washed locks rather than lightly soiled ones – despite the myth suggesting otherwise.

“Most hairdressers prefer to work on relatively clean hair – with the exception of scalp bleaching services, where a little buildup of natural oils will actually help protect your scalp from irritation,” he said. Explain.


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